Warm you up winter workout!


For this weeks Wednesday night workout I thought I’d do a cardio based winter workout! It is pretty cold here (not even close to snowing) I’m being dramatic. But it never hurts to get the heart pumping.

Please note before beginning any new exercise routine check with your Doctor. If you feel overly tired, in pain, sick, dizzy or light headed stop immediately and see your doctor. This is a high impact workout. Please take breaks and insert modifications as needed.

5 minute warm up – cardio of choice

50 star jumps (jumping jacks)

50 runs with knees up (on the spot is fine)

50 runs with kick backs (feet hitting your butt)

15 tuck jumps

Plank (hold 10 secs x 3)

30 burpees

50 kicks in front

50 side kicks

Repeat 2-4 times.

Cool down and big stretch!

I love the endorphin rush after a big cardio session! And I always sleep much better for it. I think it keeps me calmer too!

What do you enjoy about working out?

I’m off to bed! Yay! I actually love hitting the pillow. I’m getting old…

Lots of love,

Jess xoxox


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