Walking – the underestimated/ overlooked exercise!


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Things are going pretty well over here, except one of my little ones has come down with a fever. It was a beautiful day though and we spent the morning swimming and the evening at the park.

I love to go for walks well on any day but especially on days like today- the sun was out and it was warm (but not hot). Walking has been a staple choice of exercise for me since I was really young. It started when we got a little dog called Rosie and I would take her on walks around the block with my Mum. Rosie loved it and so did I!

Then when I was about 9 years old my mum gave up running because of a knee injury and started walking instead. So I would join her. I loved it! As I have gotten a lot older I still enjoy it. I prefer to walk then drive, if it is not too far. At various times I have lost a lot of weight from walking.

Generally you will burn the same calories running as you do walking the same distance. But running is a lot faster and therefore, more efficient. Walking is much lower impact and far more people can walk then can run. Walking is cheap, you don’t need any equipment to do it. Although a decent pair of shoes and some sunscreen wouldn’t go astray.

You can push yourself further by carrying hand weights, walking up hills and stairs or increasing your distance. It is my favourite exercise of choice to do with a friend. Great, healthy catch up time! And there are some truely stunning places to walk!

Do you enjoy walking? Where are your favourite places to go walking? I love walking anywhere scenic and ‘natural’.

Lots of love,

Jess xxxx

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  1. I love to walk and hike! My state has so many beautiful trails to hike, and I always feel guilty that I don’t take more advantage of it! My Mom also LOVES to walk and walks everyday, so when we can, we like to walk together. I agree- doing it with a friend is fun! I even walk on the treadmill at the gym! Running just aint my thing 🙂

    happy week to you!
    hope your little one feels better!

  2. I used to run a lot but found that it got to be too painful for my poor joints so now I’m a fan of more low-impact activities. I walk after dinner almost every night, but I also enjoy water jogging and aqua aerobics using the pool where I’m staying, making both options free!
    That beach is lovely!

  3. Hope your little girl feels better soon. Some if my favourite walks are along the beaches in Sydney, you are so lucky to have them so close. Living in the Middle East means no walks during summer for me (45′ and up!) but it’s just starting to cool a little now, so I’m looking forward to breaking the jogging stroller out again.

    • There are definitely some really beautiful walks in Sydney! 45 degrees must be tough! Do you enjoy living in the middle east? Must be quite an interesting part of the world to live.

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