How have you all been? I have been away with the girls for a little timeout. We went to visit my Dad in Yamba (north coast NSW). After too many weeks of everyone sick and stressed it felt like well and truly time to escape.










And it turned out we timed it perfectly as Sydney (well actually lots of Oz) had a cold snap. Yamba felt cold but nothing on Sydney. We even spent three of the days we were up there at the beach so yeah can’t complain.








The only exercise I did was incidental, because it was just too hard to coordinate anything else with the girls. However, a break can be good for the body too and I am more motivated to get moving now I am back.










My Dad is an amazing gardener and grows beautiful fresh fruit and vegies. We ate freshly picked salads with every meal. I have to admit I struggle to understand how eating food in its original form is more expensive, and less accessible then heavily processed and packaged foods. We also ate junk at times, so never fear no perfection over here! 🙂








It was hard to come back home and I felt a wave of stress hit me as we walked off the plane. Dramatic and self inflicted I know, but honest. There is just something awesome about being somewhere else and not being able to deal with any of the drama or issues back home. And it is nice to be back too there are things I missed of course.









Aussies, did the cold snap hit you where you were? Do you like coming home from Holidays? Is it just me or does this feel like a long winter? Not that I want to wish any time away or be depressing but it is cold this year!









Jess xoxx



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  1. I’m glad you got that needed timeout, Jess!

    I imagine our huge population and its concentrated locations has a lot to do with the way our food is grown and distributed. I have the same trouble understanding why trash keeps showing up on the side of the road after we pick it up.

    Perhaps it’s change for me too. I am a little off right before I travel, then totally into it once I start. I just let everything at home fade away until about a minute before I arrive back home.
    Dr. J recently posted…How Does She Eat So Much?: A Taxonomy of Food ShamingMy Profile

    • Yes it is funny how before and at the end can have this stressful feeling. I guess change even when it is a wonderful thing adds stress to us! We have to change this world, so much trash! It is unsustainable!

  2. Looks lovely!

    I tend to to get stressed about traveling – all the travel arrangements, packing, etc. – and then it always seems like it’s over too soon!

    But, I am usually glad to get home too, I’m very much a home body. 🙂
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  3. I love that picture of (I assume it’s your dad) with one of the twins. He’s dressed for practicality and she’s in tulle or something and bunny ears!

    It sounds like a lovely break away and I’m sure he was glad to see you all.
    Deborah recently posted…An apartment makeover?My Profile

    • Hahaha yes it is my Dad! And yes that particular twin will forgo all practicality for “fashion” (although all my kids fall into this bracket generally)!

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