Things to do with a toddler (or 2) on a rainy day…


Since today brought a massive storm and lots of in door time it got me thinking about how I could keep the wee ones busy!

Here are some of our favorite things to do on a rainy day:

*Draw pictures on paper, cardboard or even boxes.

*Print out sheets to colour in, todays choice was snow men as it is winter here.

*Read, read and read some more! My girls never get sick of it! Often to mix it up a bit I’ll make up stories to go with pictures in the newspaper, catalogues or magazines.

*Puzzles, we have some beautiful and simple wooden puzzles that my girls love to attempt.

*Bath time in the middle of the day. I will let them play with Tupperware containers or add extra bubbles so it is a bit different from their usual bath.

*Box play- we make cars, cubbies, space ships-anything you can think of!


*Craft time- I’m not the most crafty mum I must admit but I try!

*Dancing! My absolute favorite in door activity! Gets out some of their energy and leaves a smile on everyone’s face!

*Rain play! If you can’t beat em join em! I bundle the little ninjas up and we go outside. Sometimes we just explore the garden and see how things look different in the rain. Sometimes they hop on their trikes and wheel around. And sometimes we even go to the park and enjoy the swings to ourselves!!

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxo

What are your favorite rainy day activities?


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  1. Your house sounds like heaps of fun on a rainy day. You could always try the shaving foam with food colouring in before bathtime. Another great thing to do when it rains, is to bake. It will make your house smell wonderful, and it also gives you and your girls something to snack on after all the playing you have done.

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