10 Things I have learnt from the flu


I apologise for being lost and out of action for a few weeks. First my kids were taken down with the flu, it meant little sleep for all, and nothing sensible coming out of my brain. Let alone being blog worthy. And I didn’t want to come on here just to whinge there’s enough of that in life right?

Then it got me, I sort of knew it was coming, given that I was in close proximity to my sick littlies the whole time and I was not able to get enough sleep. Usually I get a mild version of whatever the girls have had and can roll along.

Not this time, this time it knocked me hard.  I actually don’t remember the last time I felt close to being that sick. I ended up spending a night admitted at hospital getting loaded with fluids and antibiotics through a drip. I am finally on the upswing of it, knock on wood. Very happy to be seeing the back side of it.

So what did I learn?

1. If you discuss or mention or contemplate getting the flu shot out loud immediately go and get it or you are tempting fate.

2. At first signs of sickness hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You are still probably not drinking enough, so pretend you are getting paid to do so. You may even be able to convince your delirious self that you are.

3. Good or even competent GPs are extremely rare, if you find one you have struck gold! If you know of one on the Northern Beaches please quietly message me their details.

4. Good GPs rarely stay secret for long and usually have ridiculous wait times, which are usually still worth it. Not so good GPs are rreadily available and see you quickly,  but trust your instincts and be prepared to seek out further advice.

5. As a sick Mum that whole airplane comparison ‘give yourself oxygen first before you help your kids’ is actually impossible and really annoying to hear. Unless it is followed up with genuine offers to watch your kids.

6. The flu can be a great honesty screener for people who ‘owe you a favour’, promise ‘if you ever need anything just call’, ‘would love to watch your kids sometime’ etc. Mostly they happen to be so busy if you ask (but of course happy to help any other time), which is usually not a surprise at all.

7. Kids bounce back from being sick themselves with a vengeance.  Their peak in need for activity and to get out of the house naturally tends to correlate with your need to sleep and be in bed.

8. Social events, parties, catch ups with long lost friends and important work opportunities also naturally correlate with your need to sleep and be in bed. Don’t be tempted to go!

9. The flu is highly contagious, so wash your hands, cover your mouth and keep away from public places at all costs. No matter how defeated you are feeling from the flu there is without a doubt someone who is at much greater risk of serious consequences if they get it. Sharing is not always caring.

10. You are not a hero for working sick, just a fool. Stay home and do the world and yourself a favour.

Have you had the flu this year or previously?  What are your tips?

Have missed hearing from you all!

Jessica xxx


11 Responses to 10 Things I have learnt from the flu

  1. Yikes!! So sorry Jess!!

    I’m glad everyone is on the mend! Your list is pretty good, although I met a neighbor yesterday that had the flu even with the shot. What about Tamaflu or other fast acting med for lessening flu symstoms?

    I had the flu in med school. I stayed home 🙂 Half the staff was out with it!

    • Apparently I was too late to the Dr for tamaflu and nothing else was offered. I can imagine it must be really challenging in the medical profession to stay healthy!

      • I washed my hands a lot 🙂

        Other than the flu that one time, I never got sick in med school and very rarely get sick now. I take vit C 1000 mg rose hips every day, and I think my lifestyle bolsters my immune system.

  2. Oh that’s the worst Jess!! I hope that you are feeling better. I’ve been sick a couple of times and it’s so so hard when you have kids and all you want to do is rest and pull the covers over your head. Agree with all your points here especially to hydrate and about good doctors. They are so hard to find.
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  3. I had the flu this winter. Terrible thing. Luckily I was the only one in the family to get it. I was out for a while. Definitely getting the shot next year!!! Once you’ve had it, you know!

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