Take me out of Funkytown


So this post is not as fun as the heading might elude. I’m having one of those days where I feel like I’m in a bit of a funk. The girls have been sick and are not sleeping well- so neither am I. My husband hasn’t felt well either. So my workload has been up and my sleeping down.

No wonder I’m in a funk. I just don’t feel like cooking or cleaning (I never feel like cleaning). And I want to brew some tea, lay in a bubble bath and read. I’ll keep dreaming… Haha

When I used to have a day like this I would let it get out of control and turn into a bit of an avalanche of depression. Now I know the warning signs. Acknowledge how I feel and realize it is just a mood. Life is great and I will feel better about things tomorrow.

When depression strikes it is hard not to focus on the negative. All you can think about and comprehend is worst case scenario. Kind of creating your own destiny.

Depression is so common and not disussed nearly enough. There are unwarranted stigmas surrounding mental health issues. But really I think it is the exception not the norm to have no personal experience with mental health problem.

I am definitely not an expert or trying to provide advice. This is merely my ramblings. A great starting point if you are wanting advice or more info is Beyond Blue.

What are your strategies for improving your mood? Or snapping out of a funk?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxoooxxx

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  1. Falling into a funk sucks but sometimes they’re inevitable! Exercise usually helps clear my head out! Hope you snap out of it before the weekend starts, and that your husband/girls are back to normal asap :-)!

  2. I just read this after reading your next post, so it made me smile when I read this line: “Life is great and I will feel better about things tomorrow.”

    I’m sorry to hear that you suffering from depression, and hope that it is just a blip, and not anything long-term. I agree that it isn’t discussed openly enough, and definitely should have a negative stigma!

    Sending you a hug!

  3. Thanks made me smile! I used to suffer with it really badly in my early 20s, but didn’t really appreciate I had any control over it. Now I know when I’m having a *blip* and it really usually only lasts that day.

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