Tabata High Intensity Workout!! Kathy Prohoroff Review

Zumba at People's Park Davao CityHello!

How has your week been going?  Things have been fairly quiet around here, which is a nice break after having lots of family in town.

I have been trying to get back into exercise now that Summer is 8 weeks old! My only time to exercise is at night when everyone is in bed. This limits me to workouts in the front yard or exercise videos inside. As it is winter and freezing I  have been opting for exercise videos inside.

I don’t actually own too many exercise videos, or DVDs I guess I should be calling them, I mainly look to youtube for workouts. And it can be quite the gamble! Although overall it really is a great way to find a workout that you can do on the spot. I g

et a lot of hits on the site for previous youtube workouts that I reviewed. So I thought I’d share the occasional review for those interested.

This workout by Kathy Prohoff is an amateur recording but she has done a good job! There  is no warm up,  it gets straight into intense cardio sets. In total there are 5 rounds with a different exercise each round. In each round you do the same exercise over and over for 20 seconds with a 10 second break. And you 8 sets of 20/10s (tabatas) within each round.

The 5 exercises include Jump

 Rope/High Knees,


Jumping lunges,

Jump Squat hop hop and One legged jump squats with a hop hop. There is a cool down and stretching at the end.

For a quick workout (around half an hour) it is very challenging and left me quite sore the next day. There are lots of high impact,  jumping exercises so it would not be good for anyone with any joint problems.

Do you have any favourite workout videos? What is your favourite way to workout when you can’t get outside or to the gym?

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. Wow! It sounds hard. You reminded me I have a pilates and yoga DVD (ie. one of each) tucked away somewhere. I wonder if I could get a dancey one – although I think I’d get sick of the same songs and steps all of the time. (Tabata and circuit stuff is of course different!)

    Well done on making the time to get back into your exercise!
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  2. If the gym isn’t an option, I’ll always op for a run outside or a good jillian michaels dvd @ home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. I’ll keep it in mind (bookmarking) for when I’m eventually able to workout again in the far future.

    BTW – So excited to be joining your “twin” club 🙂 haha
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  3. I first heard of Professor Tabata’s work several years ago when I was training for running races. His study is worth reading. The training improved both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. I feel that ideally steady state should be the foundation of training but his HIIT comes right on top of that!

    Sounds like an excellent workout tape, Jess! Thank you for the review!

    Impressed that you are doing so well!
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  4. Better late than never? I have quite a workout DVD collection, have been an at home exerciser for years. There are lots of good ones out there – just depends on what you like to do! My favorites have been by Kathy Smith, Ellen Barrett and Jackie Warner. Recently, I’ve been doing PiYo and liking it a lot. I do like looking up Zumba videos on youtube though! 🙂
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