Sunday Runday


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! And enjoying your Sunday night!

It has been raining here all weekend and I was busting to get out of the house. So I put on my running gear, got the girls in their double running stroller, put a massive plastic cover over them and I was off.

I actually had a great run because no one was out on the footpaths to slow us down. (Usually I get stuck behind a slow walker with their IPOD plugged in their ears, with me yelling “excuse me”.) It is a bit awkward trying to overtake with a double stroller!

The little Fashionista fell asleep in minutes and calmly dozed the whole run, whilst the Rockstar proudly pointed at the plastic cover saying “window”. She mostly enjoyed the adventure and pointed out every car, bird and plane along the way.

After their nap hubby had the perfect idea to get their energy out by dressing them in their snow suits and letting them play at the park in the rain! It was perfect, except I kept forgetting I wasn’t wearing a waterproof suit also. They fell asleep by 6pm!

Lots of love,

Jess xoxox

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What is your favorite way to workout on a rainy day?

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