Snowy Mountain Adventure


Hello! Hello! It feels like I have not blogged in a really really long time. We are back from our Snowy Mountain Adventure. It was lots of fun! I came back really tired from the long drive and all the activity, but I’m finally feeling refreshed and ready to get back into it all!

The holiday was in Jindabyne (6 ish hours South/West from Sydney) with two days spent in the Mountains by Perisher and one by Thredbo. It was really really beautiful up there! Given that we have had a pretty warm winter and are into Spring there wasn’t a lot of snow. In fact there was none on the mountains in Thredbo (ironically we actually had our only snowfall of the trip in Thredbo). There was more than enough snow, however, at Perisher to build snow men and go sledding, which was the perfect pace for our crew.


I worked out twice whilst I was there, but mostly just ate a lot of really amazing food and sat by the fire. My sister cooked pretty much the entire time, so it was such a treat for me to not cook! And there was an amazing bakery in Jindabyne, which sold way to delicious pastries. I’m not usually a pastry person, but my sister picked out some amazing ones, which I couldn’t resist. I even tried a Cronut!

The kids loved being away with their cousins and going on Kangaroo hunts each evening. My sister even saw a wombat and hung out with it for 10 minutes filming it! I have never seen a wombat in the wild, except squished on the road so I was jealous. I did see several wombat burrows and next trip I think I will be better prepared to see one. There is just an amazing amount of wildlife up there really, it is really nice for the kids to see! And me to be honest, I love seeing animals!








We also found this guy, who we didn’t keep around!








Have you ever been to the Snowy Mountains in NSW? Do you like the snow? Are you a skier or snowboarder? I have been snowboarding maybe 3 or 4 times and loved it but have not been again since I had kids. Maybe next year! 🙂 Have you ever seen any really cool animals in the wild?

Jess xoxox

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  1. I’ve never been to the snowy mountains and only been to the snow once (in NZ), but it sounds like you all had a lovely time. I’m glad you got the chance to relax a little!

    PS. I only tried skiing for half a day and I hated it.

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    • I think it is one of those things you have to be good at to enjoy. Snowboarding is maybe easier ot pick up, but it is an expensive and inconvenient sport!

  2. Love the pink winter coats!!

    Never been to your lovely country 🙁

    I skied Heavenly Valley in Nevada a few years ago. It was gorgeous!! Being a Florida boy, water skiing is more my forte! If I could start all over again, I would snowboard. I think the learning curve is faster and it is not a broken leg waiting to happen like with those too long skis.
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    • Snowboarding is a blast, but I have only been a few times. Water skiing is more my thing too, but I do enjoy a snowy change occasionally! Hopefully one day you’ll make it to Australia! 🙂

    • I agree actually and I think my kids felt the same way! (They haven’t tried skiing yet though). The first day when we were on the slopes before we started sledding one of them said she didn’t like being cold and wet and why were we here! hehe.

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