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How are you all going? Hope the week is running smoothly. Today has been one of those hungry, on the go kind of days. And most of my intake came from snacks not formalized meals.

Sometimes when I snack I don’t eat ‘as well’ as when I sit down for a meal. And by ‘as well’ I mean I’m more likely to eat processed, high sugar and/ or salt type items. I try to be conscious of this when I don’t have time to stop and eat.

Anyway, I was at the park with my kids the other day ‘snacking’. One of the other kids in the park came up and asked me for something to eat. Before I could answer, his mum approached and said they don’t ‘snack’. Long story short I asked her about it and she said in her culture (she was French) they eat only at meal times and she was training her son to do this. She believed at meal times they were more hungry so they ate more nutritious foods that their body craved.

It blew me away because I eat all the time! I also realized I knew nothing about French eating habits. I don’t actually know if this is common amongst the French or if it was just her family. I wondered if it worked, but not enough to break my snacking habit and definitely not my kids. They need food and often!!!

Do you snack? Do your kids snack? Are you more educated on French eating habits then me? Do they (generally) not snack? Are any readers French? Ironically I have a very French surname.

What are your favourite snacks? Here are some of ours:

Boiled eggs

Carrot sticks

Celery sticks

Cucumber sticks

Apple pieces


Rice Crackers

Muesli Bars

Wholegrain toast with peanut butter or Vegemite

Cheese sticks/ slices

Roasted Chickpeas




Chocolate!!! And lollies!!! And ice cream…

I hope you are all having an awesome week!!

Jess xxxx


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  1. Oh I’d be interesting to read the comments on those post about the snacking culture in France! Like you I enjoy my snacks and usually have on in the afternoon and another before bed! Current favorites include nuts, yogurt bowls, fruit and protein bars (preferably with a minimal ingredient list)!

      • I’m a vegan as of about 4 months now. I’ve found that snknciag with raw almonds or fresh carrot juice right from the juicer basically kills any hunger for several hours, especially if I’m busy doing something.The best way that I’ve found to prepare carrot juice is to add half of an orange to the juicer with the carrots. I can barely taste the bitterness of the carrots as the taste buds tend to focus on the citrus for some reason.Philippines Fitness recently posted..

  2. I’ve heard that’s pretty much the norm in French culture. The idea is essentially that children are treated and expected to act like little adults, at least that’s what I’ve read. “French Children Don’t Throw Food” is a great book on this subject if you’re really interested.
    My daughter is constantly snacking over here however, and loves nothing more than a piece of cheese!

    • My favorite snack is fevroald yogurt, usually berry or peach, and when I was at my parent’s house this summer, all they had in their fridge was vanilla fevroald yogurt so I added some fresh blueberries and I LOVED it! I’ll try the almonds and honey or maybe just the almonds in vanilla fevroald yogurt. Sounds refreshing!

    • I like your way of thinking! For me it is also probably true- if I’m not starving I eat better, not stuffing my face with whatever I can. Haha!

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