Singing- good for you and your baby (if you have one)

“Sing like nobody is listening.”


I am constantly annoying people with my singing. I always have a song stuck in my head and if I’m not singing I’m tapping or humming. So naturally when my girls were born I started singing to them. (Poor, helpless audience having to listen all day!)

My in laws do not sing and always kind of looked at me awkwardly when I would sing to the girls. So I thought I’d do some research on the benefits… To make me feel like less of a nut job! 🙂

Here are some reasons to belt your heart out (or calmly sing a lullaby).

1. Singing lifts the mood, it makes you feel good (and hopefully those around you). It is a therapeutic exercise.

2. The flip side of that is it also relieves stress, calms you down and relaxes you.

3. It is good for your breathing and lung capacity! Workout for the lungs and diaphragm.

4. It can create fond memories and important bonding time. How many of you are reminded of something when you hear a song you know?

5. Singing helps babies learning language. It increases their vocabulary, teaches them intonation, inflection, rhyming and melody.

6. Singing helps develop babies natural sense of rhythm and paves the way for a life long love affair with music.

7. Singing helps develop both sides of babies brain.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a great voice for your babies to reap the benefits. They don’t care! (Your in laws might…) So don’t be shy to let out your inner Pavarotti, Beyonce or Jewel!

Do you like to sing? Are you shy about it or happy to sing anywhere?

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxo


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  1. haha what a fun post!! I love to sing in the car……i have to be careful though… sometimes in public, when I have my headphones on I forget that I’m not alone!

    happy Wednesday!

  2. I once immensely embaressed my partner by singing “5 little ducks went out one day” to my eldest son ( he was 2 at the time) while we were bike riding along a crowded beach front – he tried very hard to pretend not to know us. My son and I had a great time !

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