Simple things for an Amazing Bridal Body

Simple things for an Amazing Bridal Body


How are you? I hope your week is going well! It is already Wednesday here! Crazy.

My Best Friend is getting married and honestly I’m so excited! Possibly more excited then for my own wedding. That sounds odd, I loved my wedding and the whole experience, but your own wedding can be a little bit stressful. And it all happened very quickly and was just a whirlwind. For my Best Friend’s wedding I can just sit back and enjoy the fun side of the wedding!

I went to see her dress. AMAZING! I nearly cried. Just so incredible to think wow my Best Friend is getting married. We used to go out all the time as single ladies and laugh about how we would never be the ones in the dress stores. And here we were!

I’m not of the mind set that you need to rush and start some crazy exercise program because you are getting married. That to me feels a little like crash dieting. It is unsustainable, unrealistic and adding additional stress at what should be a wonderful time.

That said, I totally understand that there are going to be 100s or 1000s of photos taken of you that day and you want to look Good! Better then Good! Also I would never be one to criticise the addition of exercise into your life, as long as it is not excessive.

So I thought I’d put together a list of some things that would make a bit of a difference without too much effort.

1. Regardless of how long you’ve got until your wedding, start paying attention to how much you sleep. Adequate sleep has a big impact on your health; lack of sleep has even been linked to weight gain!

2. Drink water and stay hydrated. It will benefit your skin, hair and waist line.

3. Implement a realistic exercise program. Ha so easy to type and much harder in reality to implement. Think about just adding a walk in every other day or just increasing your incidental exercise. It doesn’t have to be huge for you to have health benefits and even see body shape changes. Consistency is key.

4. Try new and different types of exercise if you’re struggling to stick to or even start a program. A workout doesn’t have to be in the gym. It could be a dance class, a walk by the beach, a bike ride or a swim. SO many options these days.

5. Workout your Glamour muscles! Arms and back are usually revealed in most modern wedding dresses. So focus on them when you workout. Sounds a bit shallow but hey it’s one day in your life, why not!

6. Following on from that, work on your posture! If you have rounded-shoulders-sit-at-a-desk-all-day-itis, then improving the strength in your upper back Glamour muscles is going to help with this. However, simply taking a little time each day to think about and be conscious of your posture will make a difference also. Learn what it feels like to stand up straight. This will make you look 4 inches taller and 30 lbs lighter instantly… well maybe I lie a little but you hear me.

7. Add in some fruit and vegetables to each meal. Yes eat more! More colourful foods. Eat them first when you are starving… maybe your portion sizes will shrink and your waist too?!?


8. Have fun and enjoy this magical time in your life. Seriously amazing! Pinch yourself and realise it’s actually happening and CONGRATULATIONS!

Any tips for the big day? Or getting ready for a big event? Have any of you ever been a bridesmaid or in the bridal party?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxoooxxxx


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  1. Great tips! I completely agree about setting a realistic exercise program! Especially as there is so MUCH to do leading up to the big day, it’s important to make your goals doable without draining you! While working out intensely 6 days a week may give you a killer body, is it manageable on top of everything else which needs to be organized?

  2. Those are great tips. I completely agree with getting enough sleep and staying hydrated! I feel like that’s the basis of everything. So exciting to see you friend get married!

  3. awww! this is such a fabuloust post!! I agree… some brides get a bit crazy with exercise (starting boot camps, crash diets, etc.)… In the end, one will also be able to tell from your face and your skin and your energy if you are happy and healthy…and honestly, I think that is the best outfit! (Though, years ago I probably would have acted differently!) Awesome tips! And I agree…there are sooo many ways to exercise now! If I had the time and $, I would love to be adding a lot more variety to my routine, including dance & tennis!

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