Saturday Swimming!


Happy Saturday!

This morning we took the girls to their weekly swimming lesson. They are obsessed with swimming and I have to admit I possibly enjoy the lesson as much, if not more, then them.

If you are thinking about starting your wee one in lessons I say do it!!! The bonding time is unreal! It is so nice to see your munchkin progress and become independent in the pool. I love being there for those ‘I got it’ moments.

It is a great way to tire them out and use up lots of that crazy energy. They actually sleep like the babies that they are after their lesson.

Most importantly though drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children! Teaching your kids to swim is so important. It is amazing how much they can learn, even as babies.

Winter is here (in Australia) and many parents choose not take their kids in winter. Children can still drown in winter. Children forget so quickly, particularly if they are toddlers or babies. They need to be taken consistently throughout the year. (Sorry lecture over).

I hope you are all having a great Saturday! Happy Swimming!

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