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I have found another gem of a Youtube workout and thought I would review it for you here. This workout by PopSugar Fitness is a 30 minute total body workout. I love it!

For those of us who are time poor or just get really bored exercising, squeezing it into 30 minutes is a great idea! And this workout is put together really well. It is broken up into a cardio warm up, followed by an upper body round, lower body round, ninja round and a total body round. All of the rounds are challenging (but not crazy) and there are about three exercises in each round that are repeated 2-3 times before you move onto the next round. So it is not too repetitive but easy to follow.

The things to watch out for with this video and any short workout is that the warm up is fairly minimal so you may want to do some warming up yourself before playing the video especially if you are feeling cold or tired. Also there is no cool down or stretch session, so again you will need to add this in! It is high impact so if you have any joint issues or issues with high impact you may want to avoid it or do lower impact versions of the moves (which would be totally doable). They do show you some lower impact modifications, although if you are new to exercising their brief descriptions may not be adequate.

The title says you will burn 300 calories, which is really nice to claim. However, we all burn calories at different rates depending on a whole range of factors so whilst some people may burn 300 calories others may come no where close. I was wearing my FitBit whilst I was doing it, and it said I took only 1000 extra steps. I didn’t feel that was accurate as I felt I got a better workout than I would from 1000 steps. However, I am not sure I hit the 300 calorie mark either.

Overall though it was a great total body workout, it was quick and effective and I will definitely be trying more of their videos!

Do you like to do short, quick workout sessions? Or do you prefer longer workouts?

Jess xoxox

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4 Responses to Review PopSugar Fitness Youtube Workout: Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes With This Workout | Class FitSugar

  1. Nice review, Jess! I guess I prefer longer aerobic workouts as a run, but for higher intensity workouts like the martial arts, thirty minutes can be quite effective.

    I’m glad you questioned the 300 calorie burn. What I always do, since I am very experienced with running is to make a comparison. Running burns about 100 calories a mile. Three miles in thirty minutes is three ten minute miles. That is a doable run, but that’s with no stops. I am with you that 300 calories would be the top limit for doing the workout hard. I’ve found with using pedometers is that if there is not enough impact forces they do not record all the movement. I’ve used them on ellipticals and steppers and they do not work too good there.
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    • Yes good point Dr J, I didn’t realise that for running it was a mile for 100 cals approximately. Good to know. I agree pedometers definitely aren’t not good with everything. Terrible with stroller walking they like your hands to be swinging not pushing. 🙂

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