Reasons to Cook with your Children…


How are you all going? I had a really emotionally recharging day. I went to my sisters house and we talked and the kids played and it was just what I needed.

My sister has two boys – the whirlwind brothers. They are aged 20 months (Mr Cheeky Monkey) and almost 5 yrs old (Mr Master of the Universe). So sometimes coming up with activities that all four kids can enjoy is difficult.

My sister had the genius idea of baking apple cinnamon muffins with them! It was brilliant!

Here is my take on why:

1. Each child could have their own age appropriate task/ role. It empowered them, gave them a sense of pride and ownership and most importantly prevented those sharing wars that erupt. No screams of “take” “mine now” or “push”. Bliss.

2.  Older children (in our case Mr Master of the Universe) can take on a leadership role. Great for their self esteem and grooming for his Presidential campaign. (joke).

3. It teaches your children about food! Great time to discuss what ingredients are being used and why. Hopefully helps them realize food is more then a pre packaged processed goodie that just magically appears on their plate.

4. They are more likely to eat it if they were involved in the cooking process. Great way to encourage picky eaters to expand their repertoire.

5. It is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts and terms- counting, fractions, measurements, weights, division etc.

6. It is fun!!!

7. In future years you can reap the dividends. Who doesn’t want their children to be great cooks?!?

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxo

What are your favorite things to cook with your kids?

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  1. It is also a great literacy activity – especially for boys who are sometimes less enthusiastic readers. You are reading the recipie and you are looking at the instructions and following them step by step. For older children they can read the cookbook to choose their own recipie, make a shopping list and help locate the ingredients in the store – all of which involve reading, but they are having so much fun they don’t notice or stress. And who doesn’t like a man who can cook !

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