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I hope you all had a marvellous Thanksgiving weekend if you celebrated or a wonderful weekend for those who didn’t! 🙂 I was planning on doing a post on all the food I cooked yesterday but I’m feeling a bit cooked out, so I’ll share with you some of the recipes in the next few days. It was a great day, but definitely a lot of work to cook a big Thanksgiving meal. We had almost zero leftovers! Which I’m hoping was because I made the perfect amount of food hahaha….!

With the holidays arriving I thought I’d talk about re-gifting and hear your thoughts. Not too long ago I got a beautiful gift from a good friend of mind. I was actually surprised to receive such an expensive gift as I know she is on a tight budget. However, when I finally opened it it became obvious that the gift was probably a few years old and was filled with lotions and creams that were well and truly expired. And then I realised it was probably re-gifted!

I actually was still flattered that she had given me such an expensive gift and had put in the effort. She is a notorious re-gifter and proud of it! She is all about reducing waste and re-gifting is an element of that to her! However, it got me thinking when is it appropriate to re-gift? Is it appropriate at all? What are your thoughts?

I have actually never re-gifted, not because I have a problem with it I’m just not that organised to be honest. I have thought about doing it with kids gifts because often my girls get heaps of presents and some of which are destined never to be played with. If I was more on top of things I’d put them aside and re-gift them to someone who might actually play with and enjoy them. Usually they end up being donated down the track, which I guess is sort of a form of re-gifting!

I know many gift givers would rather have items returned then re-gifted and want honest responses. I have to admit I personally hate returning items. I do want the recipient to enjoy the gift I have given them and it is nice to know if someone does or doesn’t like what I got them. However, I wouldn’t be offended if someone quietly re-gifted away part of my gift. Also I think sometimes people genuinely like what you’ve given them and intend to make good use of the gift but then find they just aren’t going to use it months later.


Do you re-gift? Do you have rules you give yourself when re-gifting? What are your thoughts?  Have you ever received an item that was re-gifted? How did you feel about that?

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. This is such an interesting conversation. I have re-gifted kids’ gifts because often they will get board games that we already own and things like that – so I will wrap it for the next birthday party they go to. I also am not a huge fan of returning gifts – because it is the thought that counts – but I think at times, re-gifting is smart and a way to eliminate unnecessary waste.
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  2. I won’t re-gift myself, but if I received a re-gift I would be just a pleased. The holidays isn’t about what you get or don’t, it’s about the love and celebrating God’s birthday – something so many people seem to forget about.
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  3. I’ve only ever regifted when desperate – ie. someone’s been coming over and I have nothing for them. I wouldn’t do it with someone I’m really close to though (either regift something they’ve given me or regift to them).

    It’s usually things from colleagues or won as prizes that I’d regift. (I don’t usually have to give / receive a lot of pressies so it isn’t an issue for me!)
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    • I agree with this too, if it is to a colleague or a pot luck type gift I don’t think I’d feel so bad about re-gifting. Close friends though doesn’t feel so good to re-gift.

  4. I think the origin of the whole re-gifting phenomena is the Fruitcake! From what I understand there are only a few hundred of them in existence and they are all very well traveled, lol!

  5. I have never re-gifted in the sense that you mean. But if someone were to give me something that I couldn’t use, and I couldn’t return it, I might pass it on to someone else who could use it, being open about where it came from.
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  6. I have technically regifted before but in a strange way. I won these expensive champagne glasses and they were really beautiful but I don’t love to drink champagne so I ended up giving them to a friend as an engagement gift. I think if the gift is appropriate for someone else and right and not something that is out of date or used then it is better but again it can depend what it is and who it is being given to. Great topic though.
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