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I hope you all had a happy weekend! We had a long weekend here and the weather was awesome, so it was a really nice break. We hit up the beach, the parks, went for walks and just enjoyed Sydney. And actually I’m finding today to be a really nice break from the action of the weekend since the house is quiet and peaceful, the girls slept in and everyone else is back at work or out for the day. Funny how sometimes you don’t even realise you’re tired or craving alone time until you get it!

Anyway, a few weeks ago contacted me and invited me to apply to get involved with their Raid Automatic Blogger Project. Basically they have sent me a Raid product to test out over 4 weeks and blog about at least 3 times. At the end of it they’ll support me to run a giveaway so one of my readers can receive the product free!

Raid, I believe, produces insect repellents and probably other related products. So it is a bit of a stretch to include it in a health and fitness blog perhaps. But here in Sydney we have quite a lot of bugs. I workout outdoors frequently and bugs can be a real issue. From mosquitoes to spiders to hairy caterpillars to creepy cockroaches I always check twice before I drop and do twenty! And getting bitten is no fun. So I thought perhaps testing out a new insect repellant product may tie in nicely. And maybe there is a reader out there who wants to win a free product to try out and it is just what they’re looking for.

So what have they sent me? A Raid Automatic Advanced Odourless Insect Control System. Basically it is spray jar that comes with a white, decorative cover, that you set up somewhere in your home or office and it mists out their natural ingredient (pyrethrins) automatically over 12 or 24 hours, depending on your preference. And the idea is that it deters mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants from your home.

They want me to test it out over four weeks and let you know my results and impressions and let them know as well. Don’t worry it will not dominate my blog, I will do three posts on it, but it shouldn’t become a Raid-blog-omerical around here. However, hopefully for anyone who is interested i’ll be able to give you my genuine opinion.

Now I have to figure out where to set it up. I have to be honest (and cynical), I feel a little uncomfortable with having an indoor, continuous misting product spraying “natural” (or synthetic) stuff around in the air my family breathes. I’ll have to research further into the product and find somewhere I feel confident in placing it that will not test it out, but also where I don’t worry about ill effects.

Obviously there are no reported ill effects on people or having it the home and I assume it has been tested thoroughly and researched. But I just personally just don’t like to keep things au naturale as much as possible. That said I do hate being bitten by mozzies, which can carry some nasty diseases too so there has to be a balance. And I do like that it is odourless.

Have you ever tried such a product? Are you familiar with Raid? Do you use insect repellant? Or do you live somewhere that insects are not a problem?

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. I never use these products because they can be absorbed through the skin and that worries me.

    Because you asked on my column:-)

    The longest I have been in a surgery was 10 hours, no breaks! I was so focused on the job that I never noticed anything like you mention distracting me. However, there is no problem with safety if a surgeon takes a short break for whatever during an operation. I have seen others drink orange juice in the middle of a long operation through a straw under their mask with the bottle held by an assistant who was not in the sterile operative field.
    Dr. J recently posted…Weight Reduction and ArthritisMy Profile

    • Thanks for answering my question! I was so nervous about all kinds of ridiculous things before my surgery I think! Funny what gets your mind ticking when you’re facing surgery! 10 hours no breaks is amazing! Must be worn out after!

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