Punch it Out!



This week has been Hell Week for me. I don’t usually like to be negative because I have a lot to he grateful for. BUT it was horrible.

When I have a bad day/ week I like to put the pent up negative energy to good use! I like to do a high energy/ high intensity workout. Boxing is perfect as you can pretend to punch whoever is upsetting you in the face. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, I’m not promoting violence, just a healthy outlet for your unhappy feelings.

Please see your Docfor before starting any new exercise regime. If you are feeling sick, injured, in pain, overly tired, light headed or dizzy stopa exercising and see your doctor. This is a high impact workout. Not suitable if you have joint problems or injuries. You will need a jump rope and a step.

Warm up 6 mins – start with some light cardio, then move onto a more dynamic warm up- go through the motions of different punches and kicks. Keep moving.

Circuit 1- 6 mins

90 sec- jump rope

90 sec – jab and cross

90 sec – jumping jacks/ star jumps

90 sec – upper cuts

Circuit 2 – 6 mins

90 sec – jump rope

90 sec – step front kick

90 sec – step ups/ step downs

90 sec – shuffle jumps

Repeat circuit 1 and 2.

Cool down and stretch

I hope you all had a better week then me! What are your tips and tricks for reducing stress levels when you have to deal with stressful, external situations? Do you enjoy boxing?

Jess xoxox





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  1. Awesome workout! I just found a jump rope at home which I got free in a magazine years ago! Love how quickly it gets my heart rate up! Hope you managed to fit in some R & R this weekend 🙂

  2. That’s some workout! I could do this when I was younger. Now – no way. I don’t even run anymore because of knee problems (walking and biking is OK, however). I admire your energy for doing this!

    • Knee problems are so common. Good decision to avoid running. I think you can get a great workout walking and biking. I definitely had a lot of energy this last week.

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