Nine simple ways to turn a cardboard box into fun!


Sorry for the little blogging break! I would love to tell you it was because I jet setted off to New Zealand for a quick snow break… But it was for much less exciting reasons. I was cleaning behind the toaster, touched it to move it and it gave me quite a massive shock. I’m totally fine, but the electricity and the Internet connectivity are gone.

Im posting from my phone so I apologise about the lack of pictures. Ill get back on track soon.

I thought today I would do a really simple post for the parents out there. Tomorrow I’ll do another fitness inspired post and an update on the acne elimination diet.

My little ones have been loving playing with boxes lately and i thought i would share our play ideas. Ok here are nine simple ways to turn a cardboard box into fun:

1. Colour it with crayons, textas, pencils or even paint. If your little one is older they may want to draw pictures on it or turn it into a car or plane.

2. Use it as a hoop or net to catch balls or bean bags. Help your little one improve their aim by practicing throwing balls into it. You can move it further away as they get better at it.

3. If you have more then one box or a really big box you can turn into a hideout or tunnel or cubby. Hang old sheets between two boxes or from the table to the box. Get as elaborate as you can imagine.

4. Take your little one for cardboard box rides around the room. Obviously watch your back and probably not the best idea if your child is heavy.

5. Wrap it up in wrapping paper and put a favorite toy inside and play Birthdays.

6. If you have a couple of smaller boxes and some tape you can stick them together to make robots or different kinds of animals – anything  you can imagine.

7. Turn it into a doll house. Razor blade out a door and some windows. You could even make some furniture with left over cardboard, toilet paper rolls or anything you can find.

8. Turn it into a car! Cut out the bottom, add some shoulder straps, and draw on wheels and head lights.

9. Turn it into a TV and let your little one be the star. Cut out a rectangle in the bottom, leaving a border of cardboard. Put it on a table and encourage them to stand behind it and put on a show. If you have older children they could even use puppets! And if you have a camera record it and play back their TV moments.

Lots of love,

Jessica xoxo

What are your favorite budget friendly games and activities?

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  1. Cardboard boxes are also great for playing “jack in a box”. We are loving balloons in our house at the moment they make great indoor balls when the weather is wet and you have boys ! We also love scarves they are great for peek-a-boo, dress ups and so much more. K

    • Thank you! They are great budget friendly and creative ideas. We will have to invest in some scarves as dress ups is an absolute favorite over here! 🙂

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