Health Benefits in Adults who Nap

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Happy Monday!

My girls have been napping less frequently and I have been missing their midday snooze, possibly more than them! I like to curl up with them from time to time and get some extra sleep. Sometimes or if I’m honest, most nights, I’m up a least once getting them back to sleep. My kids have never been consistent sleep through the nighters. So the hours I miss out on at night, I really look forward to catching up during the day. I know many Mums use nap time to be productive and get stuff done. Not me, I use it to sleep and so that I’m a better person! πŸ™‚

When I was working full time I had long days with early starts. Everyday I would think to myself that a little nap would really be awesome at about 2pm. I may or may not have even fallen asleep in my chair a few times. It was definitely not the done thing where I worked, but it did leave me wondering if we were missing out by not taking the midday siesta!

When thoroughly researching googling the health benefits in adults who nap it became apparent that the only downside to taking a nap was that it could throw your nighttime sleep if you napped for too long.

  • There are, however, many benefits to taking a nap:
  • Enhanced alertness, performance and mood.
  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health.
  • Easier to manage and control weight.

If you’re having trouble tucking in for the day time nap and actually getting some sleep the mood you create can make a huge impact.

  • Close the curtains and keep the room as dark and quiet as possible.
  • Make it part of your day time routine and do the same things in preparation for your nap each day.
  • Avoid caffeine and stimulants prior to your nap.
  • Get comfortable and have your nap in a place you feel safe, relaxed and warm.

Ahhh seems like such a luxury having a nap doesn’t it? Even writing about it seems very luxurious. The midday siesta is definitely underrated in todays world!

Jess xoxoxox

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12 Responses to Health Benefits in Adults who Nap

  1. Since finishing work I often / occasionally have a daytime nap. It was something I did on weekends back when I was working. But, I know from experience I have to be careful not to do it too late in the day or it does disrupt my evening sleep.

    I sleep badly at night (whether I nap or not) so often get really tired during the day. It does re-energise me, but I’m sometimes so comfy I don’t want to wake up!
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    • I used to hate napping, but I love them now! They used to make me feel worse, now I love them!!! I know that so comfy I don’t want to wake up scenario!

  2. Here’s my question: How do you wake up from that nap feeling refreshed, and not sluggish? I often feel like I could use a mid-day nap, but whenever I actually take one (rarely), I end up feeling gross afterward, and need another 30 minutes just to “wake up”… This happens even when I try to confine the nap to 20-30 minutes! So if I don’t have kiddos to chase and keep safe, motivating me to get up…how???!!! [help!]
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    • Good question! I seriously used to be exactly the same. Pre Kids I would wake up from a nap feeling awful, even if I was really tired. These days I wake up feeling good and I don’t confine my naps to 20-30 minutes. I’m not sure exactly why the change, except that naps have become a more common part of my routine rather than an occasional thing I do when I’m sick, overworked etc.. Also when you get up have a drink and a little snack, to get your metabolism back on track. And if you can get a little sunshine to turn your body clock back on! Sorry I don’t have better advice! πŸ™‚

      • So it sounds like…eat some snacks, practice napping more, and/or have kids! πŸ™‚

        A fourth possibility that I forgot to mention, but HAS worked for me in the past is: Over-nap. Set my alarm, sleep through/turn off, wake up in a panic realizing I’m 5 minutes away from being late for something, and rush into prep/packing/leaving without thinking too much about how groggy I feel!

    • It has become such a habit for me! But mine would never stay in the crib and fall asleep, they would scream and keep each other going. So I’ve been laying down with them from the beginning. Kind of a drag at times and lovely rest at other times!

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