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How are you all? I hope you are having a nice week. I haven’t done a “What’s happening Wednesday” post in ages, I always feel like I should do more of them since I read a lot of interesting stuff (well I think it is interesting) and it is nice to share and give credit to the authors. But then life gets in the way.

I get the majority of my hits on Adult Acne, which is sad and logical at the same time. Because it is the sort of long term problem that people suffer through and try and try to solve for years. So I was going to do another product review because I had found something else that was working for me. But then I read more about the product. And now it has made it into “What’s Happening Wednesday”.


Microbead skin cleansers are fantastic if you have acne. They are an exfoliator with tiny beads that really help clear out the dirt and reduce breakouts and blackheads. For me they were really helping. However, they are apparently an environmental nightmare and have been quickly replaced with different exfoliating cleansers in my bathroom (which I am confident will probably be just as effective).

They are so environmentally toxic New York and California are moving to ban them, (Source). Essentially they are tiny plastic particles that end up down the drain and going into the ocean. They pollute the water, and end up in the food supply as they are ingested by fish, (Source). Ick. I am certainly boycotting them as they really are unnecessary. There are plenty of fantastic exfoliators out there, who needs one that is so damaging.


On a different note…I recently read this article on countries where men do the most housework. Slovenia ranks number one with men doing 114 minutes per day and surprisingly Australia is number 6, with men doing 93 minutes per day. Indian men came in last with 19 minutes per day.  I don’t know how thorough the study was or how it was conducted, but as an Aussie I am genuinely surprised that Australia would be so high on the list. I would certainly love to see Aussie men doing more. However, I optimistically hope that Aussie men are pulling their weight to a greater extent than I realised! The older I get the more jaded I have become about gender equality, I naively thought when we studied it in depth over and over at University that it was something I could make myself immune from and it would never directly affect me. I now realise how embedded it is in our society. Obviously this is a huge discussion for a different day and no doubts many of you will have differing opinions, but I just found it interesting nonetheless.

What’s Your Excuse?

The Fitnessista posted this article about this picture on her blog. There is some interesting discussion about it on her site. Basically the girl in the picture had 3 kids in 3 years and looks great/ unbelieveable. Good for her. However, the caption is really off putting and suggests that what she has achieved is something we can all do – if we stop making excuses. Before I had kids I didn’t look like that and I worked out really hard often and I was a trainer. So I had the knowledge, the skills and the time. And it was still really hard. I had no idea how insanely hard it would be to fit in training once I became a Mum. It really is near impossible at times. Awesome for this gal that she looks so great, but is it realistic or healthy to compare ourselves? I’m don’t think so. I am all about promoting health and fitness, I just don’t think that we need to come up with better ways to do it.


SO, on that note, have you read anything interesting recently? Have you ever heard of/ used microbeads? Do you worry about the impact of products you buy? Do you think Aussie men do their fair share of housework? Or men of your nation? What are your thoughts? How do you feel about fitspiration?

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  1. That’s nuts about those microbeads!! Ick! It’s so hard to keep up on all the nasty stuff that is out there, but I try to keep all of our products simple and non-toxic. Not sure if EO brand is sold in Australia, but it’s a fantastic, organic line of body care and household products, so we use that a lot. My hubs does housework, but since I’m a stay at home mama, it’s mainly me, which I’m fine with because he helps when I need him to. He also does a ton of home repair/remodeling, so it all balances out 🙂 And I agree with you about that photo… looking the way she does is not easy, with or without kids, and for some would take extreme/drastic/possibly unhealthy measures. “No excuses” implies that a mom who doesn’t look like that is lazy. There’s actually a an amazing doctor/researcher (Peter Attia) who touched on a similar/related topic in a lecture I listened to. When he was an ER doctor he found himself passing judgement on a diabetic, overweight woman who was facing possible amputation of her foot due to diabetic related causes, thinking in some way that it was her own fault. He later realized, after his own health struggles (even though he was an athlete who “ate right”) and extensive, ongoing research, that there’s much more to health and body composition than just having self control over food and discipline with exercise. I still haven’t figured it out for myself! I run 5 days/week, strength train, eat very healthy and still struggle with my weight. It’s so complicated! 🙂
    Great post Jess!
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    • Well said it is definitely complicated to get that balance and feel good about your weight and health. So easy to judge hard to know what someone is going through. I will have to look for EO brand it sounds wonderful!

  2. I just read that California banned the sale of plastic water bottles! I totally support that! The only island in the Pacific that even approaches the size of Australia is that big plastic mess in the central waters 🙁

    As for housework, we have a division of labor as we term it. Works very well for us.

    I’m a little ambivalent about the no excuses ad. Mostly I’m not affected by that stuff. I’m sure some people find it motivating without having to compare. I saw her talk about it on the telly and she sounded all right with decent reasons to do it. Like a lot of media stuff, the story gets distorted.

    I read that stuff about the doctor that got diabetes. (I think that’s what happened) It very easy for young doctors to not see the big picture. One day when they are the nail and not the hammer they will understand and become better doctors. Some doctors learn earlier before they get hammered.
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    • That is awesome to hear California banned the sale of plastic water bottles! I hope more states and countries follow suit. We definitely have a huge problem with it here.

  3. I’m not a big fan of fitspiration as most of the pictures are of people that most of us will NEVER look like – unless we’re prepared to exercise for hours daily.

    Plus, there’s always the implication that – IF you aren’t looking like that – you’re wrong or slack or lazy in some way (which I think is why everyone hated the Maria Kang thing.

    I don’t mind the quotes though! 🙂
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  4. The housework study is so interesting! I’m sure the US men don’t measure up too well, although this generation is much better than the previous one. I agree with you on Maria’s picture- it doesn’t inspire me, I feel like it just leads to more comparisons among women and more focus on the perfect body which isn’t ideal at all.
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  5. That’s a relief! I used to apply cleansers packed with microbeads before but as I become of aged I switched to apply organic and natural remedies for my skin. But I never thought that microbeads could go that far in causing harm to the environment. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Hope everybody will be informed. By the way, I agree to what the survey says regarding housework. I can actually attest to that. Husband is too caring! =)

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