Mad Monday… I mean Tuesday?

Hey folks,

Monday was a public holiday here so I’m a little thrown today as it ‘feels’ like Monday. It has sort of thrown me a bit as I had so much to do and one less day to do it. Not that I’m complaining about an extra weekend day!

Cardio for the day was shopping with the twins and their little cousin Mr Cheeky Monkey. He is about the same size and only 2 months older so I always get asked if they are triplets. I’m always tempted to say yes because people look so disappointed when I say no.

The fashionista LOVED every minute of shopping! She loves to give fashion advice and admire shoes and clothes. (Sounds insane for a 1 yr old, but I’m totally not exaggerating.) The rockstar was my weight workout as she wanted to be held the whole time and kept moving and squirming in my arms. She was up the night before “partying” from 2am to 5am, convinced people were “out dere” and she needed to join them!

After I finally got them to sleep for the night I decided to try the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up Workout # 1. It is winter here and of course it was pouring outside so there was no deluding myself that summer is actually coming. It was great to do a workout someone else thought out and planned… Kind of like eating out! Next time I need to use heavier weights and push the cardio harder. It is hard to do cardio in a small area with no equipment!

Which brings me to my question for you all! What is your favorite at home cardio workout? Do you prefer to workout at home? Outdoors? Or in a gym? I love all three, but I find I push myself the hardest at the gym when I see others out there pushing themselves. It gives me a buzz.

Happy fake Monday!

Lots of love,

Jess xoxox



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