Lululemon controversy and Raid Automatic Giveaway Winner

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Lululemon Controversy

Most of you have probably already heard the Lululemon controversy that went down a few days ago. Chip Wilson, Lululemon Founder, suggested during an interview on Bloomberg TV that if women were having any issues with their pants piling or being too sheer, the problem may be their bodies. Specifically their thighs touching. Here is an article that sums it all up quite well. He has since apologised on Youtube for his actions. However, I think the damage was done.

I find statements and comments from CEOs, founders, directors etc like these pretty sad and awful. There is enough pressure on women to look a certain way and be a certain size. And as a woman I know first hand of very few women who are truly happy with their bodies. Most women really struggle with body image and it is unnecessary. Lululemon is an incredibly expensive and trendy brand. People buy into the “image” and want to be a part of that image. Lululemon has the power and money to generate positive messages to girls and women about their bodies! It can encourage and inspire women to be active and to celebrate their curves. Instead, however, Chip Wilson felt the need to make negative comments. Very sad and shameful.


On a positive note, the winner of the giveaway last week was number 3 Stephanie-  so please if you see this post send me an email with your contact details and I’ll have your Raid sent out asap! If I don’t hear from you in 3 days I’ll announce a new winner!

How do you feel about Chip Wilson’s comments? Do you buy Lululemon? Will you continue to do so or will this make you rethink buying Lululemon?

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  1. I couldn’t fit into Lululemon so it isn’t an option for me, but I would definitely be turned off by such comments. I’m a bit slack at taking up a ’cause’ but if I can make even the tiniest difference I try to… and losing my business might not hurt them, but it would make me feel better!
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  2. I love that someone wrote about this controversy. I won’t buy Lulu stuff because of the price and the branding/image. Other clothes that are half the price work just as well! And now with this controversy, I definitely will not buy anything they make. I wish more people were outraged at this. It is NOT okay for some big powerful man to 1) pass judgement on women’s bodies and 2) try to make them think they are at fault for wearing the clothes. And I would barely call his words an apology but if it makes him feel better so be it.
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  3. I completely agree with what you said, there IS so much pressure on females to have the “ideal” body type. I feel like too many CEOs and people of high rank in clothing companies have done something like this recently (Abercrombie & Fitch only wanting “cool” people to wear their clothing, and Urban Outfitters coming out with a t-shirt that says “Eat Less”) and it really needs to end. The damage deifnitely has already been done despite an apology.

    • Yeah pretty pathetic really and stupid from a business sense to isolate and degrade potential customers. They should feel some responsibility to promote healthy attitudes in women, no reinforce ridiculous body types.

    • It was a reader without a blog, never commented before called Stephanie! 🙂 I feel the same way about lulu, never in my price range, don’t care now!

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