Lovely Monday

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday. For many I know it is the least favorite day, but I actually love Mondays.

My Monday’s are quiet and calm. I really l enjoy and appreciate that I have time with my girls while everyone is busy at work. Quite a luxury!

Mondays I usually go for a run with the double stroller and my munchkins and try to get in as much walking and incidental exercise as I can.

Every Monday afternoon I walk them over to the park and we play together. I sneak in a little arm workout. Today it was simple- push ups and pull ups on the hand rails. Every little bit counts. And my girls wear themselves out!

Then we headed home for dinner and bath time. Perfect day!

Lots of love,

Jessica xoxo

Something to talk about…

What is your favorite way to get incidental exercise?




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