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How are you all? I thought since it has been awhile since I consistently blogged that I would do a bit of a catch up post on what we have all been up to!

I don’t even remember where I left off it has been so long. I have kick started my business Wild Active Wear and that has been going along steadily. Yet to blow any expectations out of the water, but fairly consistent! So I am happy with how it is progressing. It has been a big learning curve, but it has also been fun! And I look forward to continuing its growth!


I have also started studying my Personal Trainers Cert 3 and 4 again. I have actually previously done my Cert 3 and the US equivalent of my Cert 4. But long story I need to do it all over again. Funny though I forgot when I signed up that it would actually involve work and study. It has not been challenging but it has been taking me longer than I expected because it is kind of boring, the current topic is a little dry, and I am a perfectionist (something I had also sort of forgotten). However, it is a means to an ends and I am looking forward to being fully qualified.

I have been teaching some fitness classes, including a beginners Pole Dancing Class, which I have been loving. It is very creative and expressive and just plain fun! It is nice to do some dancing again and share it with others (even if it is Pole dancing). Actually the school I am teaching at is lovely and not risque at all! And it is a great workout – more on that one later!

I am also still dabbling in Nutrimetics and selling a bit here and there, I would like to make all my little ventures more consistent and profitable.  So that is my sort of work life at the moment. We shall see where it all leads!

My Mum life has been busy too! The girls are getting close to the end of Kindergarten!!! Eek! We are in term 4 (the last term) of school so only 10 weeks left! And they have had a massive growth spurt in the last month and all of a sudden look a lot older/ more mature to me! Where are my babies gone? They are doing pretty well with it all, they are coming along academically and their anxiety has calmed down a lot. They have a new teacher for term 4, as their previous teacher left on maternity leave. So far they seem to be coping well with the change.


The twins are also busy with dance and music and they some how roped me into taking them to Circus Silks class, which my Sister In Law helps to teach. They are loving it and I have to admit I am kind of jealous. It looks like a really awesome and fun way to get strong! They have had a few dance competitions this year which was been fun, albeit a little stressful for me to get them both organised. However, it has really helped their confidence so it is definitely worth it!

Summer is doing well, she is very much 2 now and has taken on everything that goes along with being 2! She is so different from her big sisters (who are also quite different from each other). It is amazing to watch them all interact! Summer is quite loud and outgoing, so when she is happy the whole world smiles with her. When she is not, watch out! Ha! She is very much of the strong belief that everything she wants is hers and both her sisters have been amazing in handling this challenging side! They almost always share with her and explain to her gently it is not hers but she can have a turn.


It really is cool to watch my kids be siblings and develop (sometimes battle) relationships with each other. I can see them learning to be empathetic and watch them put those skills into practice constantly.

I apologise if this post is coming across as rather checklisty and unemotional. I feel as though I am running down the list. Life has just been so busy, but I have no complaints. I wish I could soak up the moments more and time could slow down. But it just seems to continuously gather pace. So I just try to enjoy and be grateful for having such a cool family!

What have you been up to lately? Do you have siblings? Did you enjoy growing up together? Or Adulting together?

Oooh I nearly forgot we are moving! Which is probably the biggest news I have had in awhile, since we have been living in our current spot for 5 years! We have been living with my Mum and her boyfriend in my Mum’s house. It has been a gift to be able to stay here but we are finally moving out to our own apartment. So it will be a huge change. It is a bit longer of a drive than I was hoping to have to make from my girls school. But the place we are moving into seems pretty nice and honestly it was the only one we actually got! I will share pictures with you when we are moved in!

Jess xoxox

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your catch-up post! You are involved in so much. Good for you! I recently spent some time with my friends’ two young girls, and they are a handful! You have three hands full! I imagine you are getting quite good at juggling by now 🙂

    I have a younger brother and sister. The older we have gotten, the better we have gotten along!

    • Yes very full at the moment, but I like being busy! Not for the sake of being busy I just like having things going on! I am getting better at juggling although there are moments where I struggle (which I am sure is totally normal).

  2. Wow, so much on Jess. The move sounds exciting and it will be strange being in your own place after staying with family. I’m sure the kids will be excited though. And hopefully your mum will be close enough by to catch up with every so often and help out etc…

    The PT study sounds like a challenge but I laughed at your perfectionist comment as I’m sure your expectations are different to most of the others in your course.

    And I’m glad the business(es) is/are slowly growing. You’ve got the time for your study etc and of course for the girls.

    My brother and I were quite close when younger. We’re less so now but I’m not really sure why. When we see each other it’s okay though we have our moments.
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    • Thanks Deb, there is a lot happening, but hopefully it will all calm down by Christmas! I am not as close to my Brother either, not because we don’t get along just because life is so busy. I am closer to my sister now then I was when I was a kid but we are far more likely to have disagreements than I am with my Brother!

  3. Nothing wrong with running down the list! I find it can be quite satisfying and help to put things in perspective. You sound busy! 🙂

    I have 2 sisters and a brother; we were all close growing up (though there are a couple of age gaps) and actually got on very well. We live distant from one another now, but I think we’ll always be a close family. I am lucky to have them, and wonderful parents as well.
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