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Happy Tuesday!  I am a day late on this post but life has been quite busy. Over the weekend one of the girls was quite unwell and Summer has kicked off the week with a tummy bug. Nothing too major, but it has entailed a lot less sleep!

Aside from illness, the weather has been stunning. Well by stunning I mean hot and humid. I don’t mind nice warm summer weather (obviously given my youngest’s name), however, the humidity has been pretty hardcore. Although I am trying to really enjoy it and not complain! As we missed an entire month of summer and I always complain about being cold in winter.


We have been swimming and going to the beach a lot to keep cool. The water is so warm at the moment and it really feels like such an indulgence to get down to the beach so much. Especially on school days when it is just Summer and me! I try to wear her out in the mornings in hopes that she will nap so I can get stuff done before I pick up the girls. It has been working less frequently. However, the beach seems to really help get her to sleep! Win win right!?


I am still really busy doing a massive clean up and clear out. I am up to at least 14 garbage bags worth of stuff donated. It is crazy how much we have and didn’t even realise. It is so much easier to clean and keep everything in order with less. And it feels good to give it away to someone who hopefully needs it a lot more than we do!

The girls seem to be settling into school a little more easily this week. Knock on wood. I have been doing a lot of work with them on mindfulness to help decrease the anxiety (I will do a post on this). Nothing stressful, or hard, just simple things like walking, colouring and getting outside. It seems to be helping.

I am busy doing some behind the scenes work on my blog and my website for my new business. I am hoping it will actually get launched in March! Woo!

How are you going? What is new with you this week?

Jess xoxox

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  1. I know what you mean about the clean-up. I feel better if I declutter and do something useful with my ‘leftovers’.

    I’m seriously behind in my blog reading (and life really) and trying to remember if you had this new header when I last dropped in.

    Am really hoping I can now get my act together and stay on top of stuff.

    Sorry about the sickness but lovely pics of the girls as usual. xx
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