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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend and are settling in nicely to the week! I am planning to continue to do fairly regular (if I can get organised every Monday) updates on life and general stuff. I like peering into others lives and sometimes it is therapeutic to share!

The girls made it through their second week of school! It was a long, exhausting week for them. And I have to be honest it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops. It is a big adjustment for them, lots to take in and lots of little teething issues to overcome. There were definitely a few mornings where they asked begged me not to take them. I am not sharing this to be negative, but just to be real. It can feel a little isolating when you talk to other parents and their kids all “love every minute” and yours aren’t quite there yet. Not that I need to have a long winded chat with random Mum’s about their kids true feelings, however, I thought for those Mum’s out there whose kids were taking some time to adjust I would share that it is totally commonplace too! 🙂


Poor little Summer missed the girls to no end! She searches the house and calls out for them every time we get home. However, she is generally a Sunny little thing and I am sure is also enjoying alone time. We have been making the most of the warm days and going to the beach for a swim and a play after we drop the girls. Or meeting up with friends and playing at the park. She is a very very physically active kid and I have to wear her out she wears me out or she will not sleep!

Otherwise, I am continuing to declutter and try to get things more organised. I have realised organisation is central to getting through a busy week with less stress. When the little things are sorted and ready to go, then I only have to worry with the bigger things as they arise. Still a ways to go though before I fall into the “organised” category!

How was your week? Any organisational tips?

Jess xoxox

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  1. I’m sure the other moms and kids are having similar experiences even if they pretend different.

    Looking at your first picture of the twins double-teaming Summer, I wonder about the dynamics Summer faces with twin older sisters. I am imagining it will either make her much more independent out of necessity or the opposite? I don’t know if there is any data on that.

    I found this: (not meant as anything more than opinion information – no one knows better than you!)
    Younger Singleton Siblings of Multiples
    It isn’t uncommon for families with multiples to have other children. Being the younger sibling of multiples has its own challenges. Initially. there will be no differences at all because that is all the newborn knows. They don’t know the difference. Being the baby in a large family can be an ideal situation.

    Things change when the sibling becomes mobile and gets into their elder siblings toys and treasures (as can in any situation when a new baby joins the family). Children with dizygotic multiple siblings (boy/girl or same sex who do not look at all alike) may not even perceive his siblings as multiples. Something that may be a factor in this regard is the age differences between the siblings – the closer together they all are in age. the less likely differences will be perceived.

    When the multiples are monozygotic. there is more chance of difficulties. Being “the twins’ (or triplets’) younger sister” may affect your child’s self-esteem. The perception won’t be as an individual person but that of the younger sibling of a ‘group’. This perception could make him feel insecure and unimportant. If your younger child is ‘the odd one out’. he can feel very isolated as he does not have anyone to ‘pair up’ with.

    Birthdays can be a very particular difficult time for a younger sibling(s) as it seems that everyone in the house is having and sharing a birthday except me! Where’s the fairness in that? It will be necessary. initially. to find a way to make sure that your younger child is not left entirely out of the picture.

    Many of the foregoing suggestions will work just as well for younger siblings as they. too. make the adjustment to having multiples as siblings. Time. patience and reassurances will. in the end. assure your child that he/she too is important and special.
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  2. I’m sure the girls will settle into school in no time. I know a couple of people here who are having very different experiences. One is loving it (though he was in daycare 4 days a week so kinda used to being away from home and mum) but the other is struggling a little too and her little girl is SO tired at the end of each day.

    It sounds like you’re getting out and about a bit though which is great!

    Like the new header / banner by the way!
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