Life Lately! First Day of School!

H and L first day of school

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was full of R n R, including some time at the beach given the warm weather we enjoyed. The girls were exhausted because on Friday they had their First Big Day at School! Real School!

They were very nervous and anxious (as evident in the photos). Funnily enough their biggest anxiety was over having to wear shoes and socks. Sigh, the downside of uniforms and conforming.

They had to be gently pulled away from my legs, however, I knew they would be okay. They have never loved separation (nor have I) but they always do enjoy themselves when they are in a fun, learning environment. Their teacher seems like a sweetheart and an awesome Kindergarten teacher! I am confident they will enjoy the year!

Everyone asked me how I was feeling about it all. And surprisingly I was less emotional than I thought I may be. In part it was because they were so nervous I had to remain completely calm and maintain my poker face (thankfully one of my skills). For that reason I didn’t really even have time to process my emotions whilst it was all happening. Also I really had thought it through and worked through my concerns and emotions about the big change in the months before. I feel confident they are ready (well as ready as you can be) and so I am excited for them to go. I will miss them and it is always bittersweet to watch them face such a huge milestone. However, I have been realising it was coming for a long time and so the big day was just exciting!

In the circle of life type moment they are actually going to the same school I went to and their classroom is the same room I had in year 2. Gratefully year 2 was one of my most fondly remembered years and the room was remarkably similar to the way it was set up when I was a kid. The school has grown and changed a lot, with lots of new buildings so I guess it is quite nice for them to land there. I hope they love school a lot more than I did and enjoy their time there more than me! I never anticipated that I would end up sending my kids to my old Primary school but I guess there is something special about it! Also happens to be the same school my Dad went to, so there you go 3 generations!

Do you remember your first day of school? What did you find the hardest to adjust to at school? What did you love?

Jess xoxo

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  1. I’ve long said that “Florida girls don’t wear shoes!” lol

    Very cool that it’s the third generation going to that lucky school, Jess! Maybe if the separation gets to hard on you, you can unpack your old school uni and sneak in to class 🙂

    I do have some memories of kindergarten. I remember some dark scary place 🙁
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  2. Oh my gosh that photo is tooooooo cute! Life as a twin mum is so tricky sometimes isn’t it? Mind you, wearing shoes and socks causes me anxiety at times so I totally understand their concerns. I hope it is a wonderful year filled with fun, learning and laughter. Bron x

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