Life Lately…!

Hello All!

I hope this post finds you well! Things have been crazy around here, which is expected at this time of year. I thought I would do a little catch up post on life lately!

I have been to two weddings (child free)! Which was amazing! I really love being invited to weddings, I realise it is such an expensive event and such a special moment for the couple. So it always feels like a real privilege. I apologise I have zero photos, because I am not a big fan of pictures of myself and I like to just enjoy the moment and not worry about the camera when I am out. Also I am really not a great photographer.

The twins are very busy preparing for their dance concert! They are in two little dances this year and I am very excited to see them on stage. They are still very much at an age where anything could happen and I always expect the unexpected. Whatever they do up there I know I will find it all adorable! And they are excited so it is exciting for me too!


And next year they are heading to ‘big’ school or real school. Their kindy has been doing amazing things with them to get them all ready for the big transition. They are allowed to wear their uniform for 2 weeks! Eeek! Crazy vision of the future right? Of course Summer had to get in on the fun and was devastated dropping them off. She loves her Big Girls!


I have also been busy with behind the scenes work on my business, which I am hoping to officially launch February next year! Crazy! I actually thought I would be kicking it off the ground sometime this year, however, this year will not slow down. And I am finding business to be much like life with a definite ebb and flow. Just when you think things are heading in one direction something arises to make change essential! Better late than never though right? I will fill you all in on it as things get closer.


The weather is warming up in a big way and I am loving it! We have been swimming a little bit and to the beach a couple of days in celebration of warm days. We had to miss out this weekend though as their was a suspected drowning off our local beach and search and rescue was in full swing. Very very sad. We live by a fairly dangerous beach, probably one of the most dangerous on the Northern Beaches. Lots of rips and very exposed. Quite a good looking beach though as it is less developed and has more of a wild Australian look.

And that is life at the moment. Do you enjoy this time of year? Or do you find all the social events leading up to Christmas overwhelming?

Jess xoxox


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    • I hated wearing a Uniform Dr J! There was no novelty after years and years and years of it. Plus they were all mostly pretty UGLY! That said my Mum (a Principal) says studies show they have a positive effect on behaviour and as Mum I am loving that we will not have to deal with the what to wear each day.

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