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How are you all? I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. We have had beautiful weather here and lots of fun outside again. On Saturday we went to a 2nd Birthday Party and it was so much fun. It was the right mix of kids, adults and space. It was held in a park with a little jumping castle and a ball pit, the perfect balance of activities.

What I was really impressed with, however, was the selection of food at the party. Not because it was gourmet or expensive catering, but because it was for the most part healthy AND attractive to the children. I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I think worked to make the serving of “healthier food” successful.


1. There were lots of colours! There were beautiful platters of fruits and vegetables in lots of different colours. Who isn’t attracted to bright, colourful food?

2. The food was cut into finger size pieces. It wasn’t awkward for the little ones to pick up and run away with. Also as an adult it was great because you weren’t awkwardly trying to bite into a huge piece of melon. So no worries about spilling on your outfit (ok less worries).

3. There was a lot of choice. There was 2 kinds of melon, strawberries, apples, grapes, cucumbers, celery, 3 kinds of capsicum (bell pepper), carrots and I can’t even remember what else. There was also different kinds of crackers, pretzels and cheese. And of course there was some little cupcakes and lollies, but they didn’t overwhelm the choice.

4. The healthier foods were offered first so kids (and adults) filled up on the fruits and vegetables. When the other food came out I noticed the kids were still interested in the healthier stuff. And I was less inclined to eat 5 cupcakes!

5. A lot of the candy was packaged, which meant more work to get it. Sounds kind of odd, but I noticed that kids (and adults) tend to eat things that are in front of them and easily accessible without thinking. Opening that package adds an extra step and some extra thought.

6. The food was displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Kids/Adults/Everyone seem to be more attracted to food if it is presented well.


7. There was so many activities that food was not the focal point. There was all of the park play equipment, plus the jumping castle and the ball pit. Who wants to stuff themselves when there is all of that going on.

I have to admit I’m not one to say that parties should be completely full of whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables. I believe that junk food, processed foods etc are OK in moderation. And if you can’t have candy at a kids party when can you? BUT that said, it was nice to walk away without a stomach ache and still feel like I had a feel childhood treats.

Do you try to make your parties healthier? What are your favourite childhood party treats? What did you get up to this weekend?

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxoxox

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  1. Wow those really are some great tips..and so easy to implement! With kids, I think food is so much more to presentation than taste- as long as they look visually pleasing, chances are they will gobble it up! Although these are far from healthy, party rings remind me of childhood parties so much…helllooo sugar rush!

  2. great post and tips (as always! 😀 ) . Growing up, my mom always had fruit and veggies at my birthday parties!! She also said that one way she got us to eat our veggies is that she would put out crudite and steamed broccoli as soon as we came inside from playing/exercising and sat down for dinner…when we were hungry and ready for food! 🙂 I think it also helped me see my parents eat veggies, and have them at every meal.

    have a great week!

    • Haha I hear you, dinner is definitely harder/ more important. My kids always ask for Fries when we are out for dinner… if only I could get them to ask for the side of Veg!

  3. I like to make my cupcakes mini – I’ve noticed kids and adults both feel like they’ve still had “2” or however many they allow themselves but because they are so much smaller they have had a lot less. I also always go with carrot cake and banana cupcakes as I feel they are a slightly healthier option, no one has ever complained, in fact the parents are usually pretty pleased !

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