How to Manage Stress


I mentioned last week I had a pretty bad week. Well sadly, stressful times are not over. So really the title of this post should be “Can someone PLEASE tell me how to manage stress OR fix all of my problems.” Ah wouldn’t it be nice…

Anyway, we all at different times incur stress. In many ways it is a helpful and natural response to our environment. It tell us we need to do something. Fight or flight, we need to act. However, it can be very detrimental to our health, particularly if it is acute or long lasting. Sometimes we are placed in situations where we have to or we choose to endure it to achieve a better outcome.

So what are your tips and tricks for managing stress?

Here is what I have found. I admit I preach much better then I practice!

1. Identify the source of the stress, knowing what is behind the symptoms can be empowering. Sounds obvious but sometimes it is difficult to pin point.

2. Identify ways in which you change or control the situation. Even if you don’t want to exercise your options, knowing that you have options is important.

3. Give yourself a break each day from the source of the stress. Hate your job? Give yourself a treat during your lunch break so you have some relief and something to look forward to.

4. Take care of yourself! Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Usually these things get ignored or impacted on by stress, but it is snowballing your problems. You will manage better in all aspects of your life and make decisions more clearly if you are healthy.

5. Talk to someone about it, seek help! Don’t be afraid to get professional help if you need it. A therapist can be an objective bouncing board who may have a different, but helpful perspective.

For me number 4, taking care of yourself, is one I really struggle with but definitely helps. The first thing I want to do when I’m stressed is eat crap, stay in and then stay up all night thinking about my problems. Not really productive.

I also try to remember and be thankful for all of the positive things in my life. Things can’t be that bad when I have two beautiful, happy, healthy and wonderful children!!

I’m looking forward to hearing all of your tips!! Blogging always make every situation look a little better!

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxxxooooxxxx

18 Responses to How to Manage Stress

  1. Sometimes I have to accept I can’t control the situation, only my reaction to it and that in itself, a huge relief. Then I can decide on my reaction and whatever I choose is mine to own and I can’t blame the situation anymore if I am still stressed.

    Thanks for all your tips!

  2. Truly said one should identify the source of stress. I have lately discovered that my irrational behavior was due to over work load and excess stress in office. I like your idea of giving myself a treat in lunch breaks. This time I’ll go for ice creams. Good idea!! The thought of it now makes me smile. Thanks a lot for easing me out.

    • Glad made you smile! Overworking is so draining! Definitely important to take breaks and really enjoy what time you do have, especially when you are busy! 🙂

  3. “Take care of yourself”: I couldn’t agree more! No matter how stressful life gets, I always make time for some exercise and eating right….just because I’m suffering mentally, doesn’t mean I have to physically!

  4. These are the kind of tips I need to read right now Jess! Taking care of yourself is such an easy thing to say, but then actually doing it? Much harder of course! I need to respect myself and my needs and while I do struggle with accepting that, I am improving 🙂

  5. Number four is definitely the one that works best for me; I always feel like I have more control when I am taking care of myself. But my favorite stress reliever is reading a good book in a hot bath with a glass of wine.

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