How early is too early?


How are you all doing? I hope you’re having a great week!! This week I took my kids to a ‘trial’ Art n’ Move class. It is designed to get your kids creativity flowing and bodies moving. As well as a bit of socialization and classroom orientation. They ‘kindly’ let you try a class and then you have to pay to join.

I honestly was hesitant to take them because I knew they would love it and they did. I can’t afford to enrol the two of them! The teacher was fantastic and I could see my girls were getting a lot out of it. I felt guilty for going because they loved it and at the end started saying “more”.

My girls are not even two and there are SO many formalised music, movement, art, sport, creativity classes available for them. Which on the one hand is awesome! It is great to see kids being active and expanding their mind.

However, I can see parents taking these classes very seriously and many kids already taking lots of different classes, BEFORE 2! It kind of is easy to get caught up in that mind set, because I want the best for my kids. I want to give them every advantage and I know they would enjoy art, music, sport etc. But I can’t afford it, especially with twins.

I also think that these early years are precious and they learn a lot from being talked to, read to, taken to the park and the library. And just playing. There is plenty of time for lots of activities later (if that is what they want).

What do you think? Do your children participate in extra curricular activities? Or did you as a child? From what age did you start? Were you an active kid or did you need to be encouraged to get into physical activity?

As a child I was very active and took lessons in anything I could convince my mum to pay for. I always wanted to do more ans she always wanted me to cut down and enjoy my childhood.

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxoooxxxx

PS This weeks positive thinking mantra for me “I am deserving of respect and will accept nothing less.”

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  1. Yes! It’s crazy how many classes there are for babies and kids. Especially where I live, there’s such a competition to see whose kid is doing what, etc. Kids are so overprogrammed and never seem to have any down time.

    My oldest did participate in activities but we tried to limit it to no more than 1. It was to get him out and moving but also to help him learn to be more social and be in a group. He was so incredibly shy when he was younger so we felt that it was important to get him into these social settings. My my youngest, poor thing hasn’t had a chance to do any extra-curriculars!

    • Yeah it is a lot harder and more expensive with two. My girls are also really really shy and suffer from separation anxiety, so I can see the benefits. Just don’t want to and can’t afford to get carried away with it!

  2. My kids are a little over 2. We’ve only participated in a music class but thankfully, got a 2 for 1 deal. I was amazed at some of the kids who were taking music, ballet, gymnastics and swim lessons and they weren’t even 2! Things are just going to get more complicated the older they get when it comes to extracurricular activities. I’ll cherish this “free” time now!

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