Happy Tuesday!

Day 3/365 - Ride in the Shopping Cart.. (Explored)Hello!

I hope you all made it through the weekend and Monday! And I hope all the Mum’s out there had a wonderful Sunday!

All weekend I was thinking about Random Acts of Kindness and ways in which I could meet the challenge. I did the simple things I always do- like smile at people I pass. But I wanted to do more and continue to do more in my daily life.

So I decided the grocery store would be the perfect place to do it. I helped people reach things, smiled or spoke to everyone I passed and I let a couple cut in front of me in the line. It was making me feel good! Even though I know it sounds totally awkward to be walking around a store with a big smile, it wasn’t.

What blew me away, however, was how many random acts of kindness I ended up receiving! I was grocery shopping with my two girls, getting close to nap time. So they were hungry and tired. Rookie error really, I know better than to go at that time with them. They are really great girls most of the time, but when they start to get tired they hit a wall and everyone knows about it.

So as I was walking through the grocery store they were starting to lose control of their emotions and I knew it. I pushed through as fast as possible, but that is a pretty slow pace when you’re trying to negotiate with two two years olds about to blow. We pretty much made it to the grocery store line without major incident, amazing. But the double break down came in the line. It was pretty epic. And I was in Aldi, where the store clerks throw food through the checkout so fast that you have to unload and reload your cart at race speeds.

I had one girl in my arms and the other trying to “help me” unload, when from nowhere came this saint of a woman who said, “Don’t worry I’ve got this”. She helped me unload and reload and get through the Aldi line without injury.

As I was trying to leave, pushing a full cart with two kids in the cart, I was struggling a LOT. The carts are heavy and the wheels are wild. A man in the parking lot, helped me get it all to my car, without running anyone down or losing my groceries.

And finally, the boot of my car was stuck, of course. There is a trick to pop it when it sticks, but you’ve got to be strong. And it takes me a long time trying to get it open. So I had the kids in the car screaming, beating on my boot to try and open it and another man came up and popped it for me.

Such simple gestures, but seriously they made my shopping trip 1000x less stressful. Sometimes tantrums are met with rude and unhelpful comments and looks. It was so nice to just have people help!

Have you ever shopped with children? If you have you deserve a medal!!!! If you haven’t, enjoy the peace every single time you go! Did you give or receive any random acts of kindness?

Jess xxx

photo by: Caden Crawford

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  1. I have always believed you reach out and do sweet things for others your kindness will be returned. You are just such a beautiful and warmhearted person Jess… And because of that you are setting such a wonderful example for your children ๐Ÿ™‚

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