Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Girls!


Last Friday 1st November was a very important day! It was my girl’s Birthday! Originally I intended to blog about their Birthday on their Birthday, but the day was so busy and I wanted to enjoy it and not worry about blogging.


We had a really simple day, because the day before was Halloween and they had quite a big Halloween. They were actually incredibly tired and over excited on their Birthday, but I think they really enjoyed themselves. They opened some of their presents as soon as they woke up, then I took them to ballet to get out some energy. After ballet we went for a milkshake with their cousin and little friend. Once we were home I tried 3 times to get them to nap, but it didn’t work! Who naps on their Birthday right? Actually sounds about perfect to me… hehe.


Finally their Dad came home and they opened the rest of their presents, including their new bikes! They have been asking for pedal bikes for a long time, but they are really tiny for their age and it has been almost impossible to find bikes small enough for them. These bikes are still a little big, they will need help with them, but they are ready to start having a go!



We finished the day with a special dinner and they opened their present from Grandma. Grandma loves to play with them so they spent quite awhile playing with their new toys before it was time to put them to sleep!


I am so so so so grateful to have my girls! I still can’t believe I have twins and they are so wonderful. People often compliment me that they are well behaved and ask me what is my trick, and honestly they were just born that way! (Although believe me they can certainly be cheeky as well). They just naturally have sweet, sincere and fun personalities. They can entertain themselves and each other (and me) in almost any situation. They just have this natural curiosity for life and the outdoors. They ask me questions I wouldn’t even think to ask and blow me away with how much they remember and know!




They are so unique from each other, but complement each other so well. If one is tired and shy the other rises up and becomes the leader. One of them is madly interested in everything in nature and the other one is so sensitive and aware of how other people are feeling. They both love to swim and dance and just be active crazy kids. They have different physical and intellectual strengths but overall they are so evenly matched and always assist their sister if they are struggling.








Happy Birthday Beautiful Girls! I hope this is another wonderful year for you both!

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. Oh… such a beautiful post. I wasn’t able to have children (well, I waited for the right man – or any man – and by the time I gave up and went it alone it was too late)… so I LOVE it when people obviously adore and appreciate their children.

    Happy belated birthday to the girls.
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  2. Happy birthday to your sweet girls!! They are adorable and I love hearing how they complement one another so well. My girls are 16 months apart so it often feels like I have twins but it isn’t even close, I’m sure! What great personalities they both have — isn’t it so fun to look at them and wonder what they will be like as adults?!
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  3. Jess, you have the most beautiful little girls! I loved reading this post – not just because you talked about their birthday celebrations (which btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), but you can just feel the love. I also find it cool to read about twins since you know I’m one =) Continue being amazing <3
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