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I hope you’re all having a fun weekend! It has been really beautiful and warm here (for winter) and it is a long weekend! Huray!

I have been thinking that I have been lagging on the fitness posts lately. I have been working out but it has been nothing special. They have not been easy sessions, but they have not been interesting or glamourous.  I read a lot of fitness blogs for inspiration. Not necessarily in the direct sense that I want to do what they are doing (although often I do). But for whatever reason reading about someone training in one realm inspires me to get motivated and get moving, even if it is in a totally different way. Did that make sense?

It has been getting cold here and I feel much less motivated to exercise in the cold weather. It is darker and I never feel appropriately dressed – I either feel like I’m lugging too much clothing or I’m freezing in too little. And I think the darker days affect my mood in a negative way.

That said, I am so much more proud of myself when I actually get out there and do something on those cold days.

Anyway, when I start reading and thinking about workouts and training it is often in favourable light. I think about how much better I’ll look and feel. I imagine those endorphins that rush after a session. Think about how well I’ll sleep.  When I picture myself training it is always Awesome! I think that is a good thing, positive imagery is powerful and can make for better results.

BUT, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Or I’m going to go ahead and say often it isn’t so pretty. It hurts, it is hard and I don’t feel like being there. I have to push myself. My clothes aren’t looking awesome like on a Lorna Jane model, but fitting awkwardly and  irritating me. I’m hot and sweaty or cold and stiff. It can be uncomfortable and it can be BORING! Yep I said it, sometimes I get totally bored.

I think sometimes it is important to remember that sometimes working out sucks. Obviously when it comes to blogging we share the triumphs, the good and the memorable. Occasionally I read an “I had a bad session”  post, but I don’t take it in the way I do with a great triumph, where I want to share and cheer on the blogger. I enjoy them and I find them refreshing, because they make me feel better about my bad sessions. However, I think it is human nature to share the highs of life more frequently and I enjoy reading about them more frequently.

So the point to my post… still not sure there is one…! On those long, cold days where all you want to do is curl in bed and not get out there. Remember you’re not alone and that is kind of what training can be about. It is about working through it to get the results you want. It is about being comfortable getting uncomfortable. It is about pushing yourself, setting goals and following through. And then pushing yourself more. Some of the satisfaction is in the end goal and the triumph, but some of the satisfaction is making it through those difficult sessions when you don’t want to be there. It builds muscles and it builds strength of mind and character.

My two cents for the weekend. What gets you out to your training when you want to be anywhere else but there?

Jess xoxoxx


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  1. I think doing exercise you enjoy helps in those moments when you are not in the mood. I’m more prone to defer or cancel my exercise if it’s something I enjoy. (Similarly though I get more of a sense of achievement from having done it if I hadn’t wanted to!)

    I have to admit I actually find constant “I did this or I did that” posts disheartening. I compare myself to those who seem to LOVE exercise and never waver in their devotion. I can’t understand how they can WANT to run / cycle etc every day and feel at a loss when they don’t do it!
    Deborah recently posted…Fit as… an unfit fiddle!My Profile

    • It definitely helps if you enjoy it! I find that with Dancing I’m always looking forward to it. But I do it so rarely these days. With other workouts I don’t look forward to them. I do them and sometimes I enjoy them but sometimes I am really just making myself do it!

  2. I have done plenty of running in cold weather! Dress in layers and wear a hat. Once you have gone a little ways and warm up you will feel fine, and when you are done you will feel great!

    It’s never been about motivation with me. I just do it. Really. I’ve made it part of my day. I may look for different reasons if I need them, but I have always found one.
    Dr. J recently posted…Lab Notes: Yoga Stimulates Brain Function; Chinese Man, 66, Learns He’s Really a WomanMy Profile

  3. Reminding myself how good I’ll feel after a workout tends to do the trick…and making mental bribes with myself that I can stop if I’m still not feelin’ it after 10 minutes into it!
    Khushboo recently posted…Turning 2-5My Profile

  4. Great post! It’s always great to hear how others struggle with the same feeling from time to time. I was actually just thinking the other day that I can 90% guarantee there isn’t ONE person out there who has enjoyed every single one of their workouts. It’s life 🙂
    Jessie recently posted…Benefits of Lemon WaterMy Profile

  5. I am the same way – when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, I just want to curl up under a blanket. I know that I sleep better, and just generally feel better when I’m exercising on a regular basis, and it’s a pretty ingrained habit now, so I mostly just do it…But if I’m having a really bad day and feel like I don’t want to do , I try and come up with an alternative that is more appealing. Most of the time that works. But yes, sometimes it sucks, and I have to push through and do the minimum just to get it done.
    JavaChick recently posted…Week 22: June? Hello?My Profile

  6. I totally understand what you mean! When I feel uninspired, I definitely turn to other bloggers or my Instagram feed for ideas about ways to shake things up.

    The start of winter is such a bummer! It’s really tough to get yourself out there when it’s dark and dreary. Maybe find some new workout DVDs at your library and stay inside a bit more? I just found a zumba one this weekend!
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…Sweet Potato Carrot SoupMy Profile

  7. I love that you are keeping it real in this post because all of us have those days, whether we write about them or not! Here in the U.S., the weather is obviously just turning to summer and my mood is automatically brighter from the moment I wake up. But I can completely relate to where you are at right now with the weather turning to winter for you…and you start thinking about the months ahead and it gets a tad depressing.

    For me, last winter was the first year I really trained hard through the winter (for a marathon) and forced myself to get out in all kinds of weather. I truly found that once I was out there for a good ten minutes or so, I started to enjoy the challenge of the rain and/or cold. And it made me feel a little more bad ass each time I finished a run. But, really, it was having a goal (the marathon) that kept getting me out there day after day… That and thinking about what I wanted to eat when I was done. Ha! 🙂
    Kristen @ Happy Running Mama recently posted…2013 Newport Marathon — Part IIMy Profile

    • Having a bigger goal would definitely help. I think I need to set one! I will definitely apply the thinking about post exercise meal to my life! haha

  8. I. Love. This.
    Remembering I’m not alone is a huge thing I’m taking away from your post today.
    Side note – if lack of sunshine really does have an impact on your mood there are things you can do. I lived 36 years of my life in MI and had no idea that I could have the attitude and mood I have now (most of the time 🙂 ). I’m not suggesting you move to AZ, but if the darkness is not good for you… time to do some research!
    Thank you!!!! This was an awesome post!!! recently posted…Would You Rather… Let’s Have Some Fun!My Profile

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