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Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this week! I can’t believe we are already half way through January. I feel like I have so many goals and things I hope to achieve and I wish time could roll along a little more slowly.

One of my good friends is trying/ wanting to get fit and lose about 25kg for an upcoming event. She has about 3 months, which is not really a long time for that amount of weight. In fact, I think that it would be too fast. However, there is a lot of changes and positive things she can do in 3 months.

When I talk to her about what is holding her back:

“I hate exercise, the gym, walking, let alone running, they remind of PE and seem like a lot of work. I already work a zillion hours, the last thing I feel like doing when I come home is working more.”

I get that not everyone likes the gym. Although I swear, if you give it time and find your niche in the gym, the right gym etc you will learn to love it. BUT I’m biased!

However, there are so many ways to get moving that don’t involve a gym! You guys are all so inspiring to me, so I thought I’d do a little round up of some of the fun ways you keep fit. And the obstacles you overcome and don’t make excuses for!

This lady trains for marathons with a family to take care of and always fits it in! This girl has two jobs and a ridiculously busy life and STILL runs over 50 miles a week.

This lady is a lover of dance classes and, still one of my favourite posts of hers, was this one about taking a burlesque dance class.

This gal does all kinds of things but has even been known to do some trapeze.

This lady has tried just about every type of exercise known to man and continues to enjoy and inspire us with her hilarious recounts.

This lady loves to surf so much it is in the title of her blog. (May have been the sole reason I started reading her blog). She has two little ones runs, does yoga and everything in between.

And there are so many more of you that inspire me and I love to read about! I love how different and vibrant everyone is! So much passion. There is a wonderful place in this world for everyone to do their great work. And to my buddy who doesn’t like the gym, if you can’t find inspiration from any of these ladies… I don’t know where you can! Please feel free to add links to your favourite blogs or your favourite ways to workout!

Happy Friday!

Jess xoxoxooxx

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  1. I love finding new and exciting ways to work out other than just going to the gym AGAIN!! Some ways I work out… I run, do gymnastics, flying trapeze, rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding… just to name a few 🙂
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  2. Thanks for the mention. I’m always loath to say I’m too busy to exercise because I think it’s never the case. It’s more about priorities and even incidental exercise is great (walking TO somewhere), playing with the kids and so forth.

    I think it’s about finding something you enjoy doing and is sustainable. Have a (possibly) unrealistic weight loss goal, can mean you diet stringently or over-exercise and burn out… then go in the other direction.

    I (for one) have been THERE many many times!

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  3. You are too sweet. Thank you for the shout-out. Running around and being active is so fun for kids yet why isn’t it for so many adult? I think that for me at least, a bit part of it is finding the joy in whatever I’m doing, focusing on how it makes my body and mind feel and not just how many calories I burn or pounds I lose. Last week I got to see a demo of the Spartan Race which is a crazy extreme obstacle course race like jumping over fire pits, ropes climbs, mud crawls and barbed wire. But the thing that stuck out for me was how much fun the participants were having. That’s what is should be about, right? PS I need to surf more 🙂
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    • I know I think it is so sad that we lose that love of just moving and being active just because. That Spartan Race sounds awesome! There needs to be more of that in life!

  4. I hated PE class all through school and dropped it as soon as I was able in high school. It took quite a few years for me to figure out that exercise could be fun and didn’t have to feel like PE class. It’s all about finding things you like to do – I recently read a magazine article about treating fitness like dating and trying to find ‘the one.’ There are lots of different choices out there, and it may take a while, but if you put in the effort you can likely find the right fit.
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