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For a fitness blog there have been relatively few fitness posts going on lately! Oops! Sorry.

I have still been active, but I am still in the teething phase this year trying to figure out what I can fit in, how, and what I have to let go. I discussed this a little off and on since the end of last year. My kids change, life changes and I have to re-figure out how to stay active. Not just for the sake of being active, but for my sanity too. I love doing it! But I hate being stressed/crazy rushed/ feeling guilty doing it. I am sure many Mum’s and busy people can agree. Who isn’t busy these days?

And for exercise to “work” and to become part of our life, it has to fit in with the flow. It is certainly possible to find a spot for it, but different circumstances can definitely make it more challenging.


For most of last year I would take the girls for a run in the stroller 3-4 x a week and do a strength workout with some skipping (jump rope) after the girls had gone to bed a few times a week. I would probably workout no more than 5 days, usually no less than 3. It was a nice, doable balance. However, as my kids have gotten bigger they have been less willing sit in the stroller- can’t blame them- although if someone wanted to push me in a big comfy chair for an hour I think I’d be cool with that. They are also at that age where they don’t need a nap every day, or they are up until very late at night. It has been tricky because they still need a nap some days for sure and I am not always on the money with finding that perfect balance. Some days they really don’t cope and I think I should have really worked to get them to have that nap. Other days they clearly need a nap, fall asleep in minutes. And other days they just go go go go until bed time.


On days they have napped there is no chance of getting in a workout after they go to bed, because it is too late for me. I can’t, or well I don’t want to, function without enough sleep. However, on the days they haven’t napped I can sneak to the gym once they are sound asleep and get in a really solid workout.

So at the moment my fitness regime probably consists of two really hard gym sessions with cardio and weights. Whatever I am in the mood for doing really. Probably two days where I get in a solid long walk. And the rest of the days are filled with incidental activity. Honestly it is not ideal for me, I would like to be doing more “scheduled” sessions just for me. However, it is what I can realistically do at the moment. I know that every stage of my kids development is fleeting and things change pretty quickly. Also I become more creative and think of different ways to do things as I need to.

Pre- kids I thought of exercise and working out as something you had to set time aside for specifically and do it at a gym or outdoors. It had to involve workout clothes and workout equipment. Now I realise it can and does include playing at the park, walking up and down the hills at the Zoo, or a family swim session at the pool.


I apologise if that was not the most interesting of posts. I just feel like it is important to be honest with readers about what goes into my version/ attempts at healthy living. It is easy to read what others do and become overwhelmed because it just seems impossible to implement in your own life. Heaps of healthy living blogger Mum’s do way more and it sounds seamless – good on them. Honestly I get a little envious. But there situation is different from mine, their kids are different and life just looks different for all of us. No doubts there are others with even less time and more struggles than me with fitting it all in.

I just think it is important to keep it in perspective. It is important to have time to yourself and work on your fitness. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel guilty if you can’t fit it in the way you feel like you “should”.

Do you ever struggle to fit in exercise? When is the easiest/ best time for you to workout? Do you fit it in early before work/ kids start going, sneak it in during lunch or nap, or are you a night owl? Do you try to get more incidental exercise or enjoy scheduled sessions? What works for you right now?

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. I like the idea of fitting exercise into your life in ways other than the traditional. My motivation to get to the gym has come and gone (is AWOL at the moment) and I’d like to just be someone who moves about enough during the day to get my 10,000 steps in. The incidental exercise thing was once a no-brainer but now is a struggle. (Guess I’m lucky I haven’t got kids to play tag with or play in a playground with as I’d probably be too lazy!)
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    • Incidental exercise can be a real struggle, as can getting to the gym! It definitely has to become part of your “normal” routine and then it gets easier, but sometimes I’m not in the mood either!

  2. It sounds like the kids are in that in-between stage before they are old enough to either come with you, or play without you. Perhaps buying a treadmill or some other machine and some small weights for the home would give you an option at this point. Those are good for pilots in their spare time too 🙂

    To answer your question, I was on a VFR flight and once ATC cleared me to the west, and I was out of their traffic area, they were not following my flight and never called me again. (If I ever catch myself driving a few km over the speed limit, I’ve never been one to drive to the police station and turn myself in, lol!)

    • ha good analogy, I wouldn’t turn myself in either. Interesting to hear about since I have never flown a plane before!

      I have some weights and would love a treadmill, if I had the room. Eventually. Definitely good options for days when I can’t get out! 🙂

  3. you are never boring, you are honest. Life changes, your schedule changes, and you do what you can. You’re an amazing mom and always impress me with your ability to adapt.

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