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How are you all? I have missed blogging, I guess it is a nice psychological outlet for me that helps me keep my head clear. Funny how you don’t even realise the impact of something until it is absent from your life.

However, I wouldn’t trade time with my babies for blogging. And the last few weeks have been amazing.

I have also missed working out. I was not doing anything spectacular with it before, no awesome goals or impressive mileage. However, it played a regular and important role in my life!

I took the full recommended 6 weeks post-partum off from exercise, apart from walking and managing the kids. (Managing/ trying to keep up with the kids frequently feels like a workout.) It was nice to have a break and truly I think I needed it to recover properly. By about 5 weeks I was starting to feel ready but I waited the extra week.

This last week I have worked out 3 times, which I am pretty happy with. All have been short (30 to 40 minutes), full body and contained lots of intervals. I wasn’t as out of shape as I had anticipated, possibly because I was pretty active keeping up with the girls at the end of my pregnancy. Whereas, at the end of my pregnancy with the twins I was on bed rest for 3 months. However, it definitely feels much much harder than it did before!

I am taking it slow and trying to keep a positive attitude about my fitness and the state of my body! ha! Pregnancy is definitely hard work and it is really really easy to get depressed after the baby arrives for all sorts of reasons. Feeling down about changes to your body is hard to avoid, at least it is for me! I have to admit I found it the hardest whilst my in laws were here as we spent lots of time at the beach! I love the beach, however, I didn’t have a swimming suit that felt comfortable and I really didn’t feel ready to be swapping a track suit for a swimming suit! Totally silly and I didn’t let it stop me enjoying myself, but it was hard to keep my head in check.

Since I am finally talking about exercise I thought I’d share one of my full body workouts for those who are interested! Sharing is caring, but comparing is not! So if you are returning to exercise after having a baby or just trying it out please don’t worry if it is not at the appropriate level for you. We are all different and I constantly make modifications to workouts, even ones I plan for myself.

Please note before commencing any new exercise regime it is important you consult your Doctor. Especially if you are returning to exercise after having a baby! If you feel dizzy, light headed, overly tired, in pain or injured immediately stop what you are doing and see your Doctor. This is a fairly challenging workout and should keep your heart rate up fairly high. Not a beginners workout.

5 minute warm up – cardio of choice

25 Wide squats

Jump Rope 1 min

25 Lunges with forward shoulder raises

Jump Rope 1 min

25 overhead tricep extensions

Jump Rope 1 min

25 Bent over rows

Jump Rope 1 min

25 Wide grip push ups

Jump Rope 1 min

Plank 3 x 10 seconds

Cool down and Stretch!

Do you have any tricks to boost your confidence when you are feeling not so good about yourself? Do you find it hard to get back into exercise after a break?

Jess xoxoxox

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  1. Wow! You’ve not had much downtime at all and well done on ‘bouncing’ back better than you expected to – and not having lost as much fitness as you expected.

    I like your routine – of course I couldn’t skip for 1 minute but guess I could march or bounce on the spot or something. It’s a very long time since I did any strength work!
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    • Yeah you could definitely march! Strength workout I usually avoid too, but I have been doing more of it lately. It is easier to do at home than cardio!

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