February Preview #dontsitonthesidelines


How are you all? Hope you are enjoying January!

It is summer here and  we have spent the last few weeks at the swimming centre or in the beach pool everyday, sometimes twice a day. And do you know what I have observed? Loads of kids in the water having a blast and loads of parents sitting on the sidelines, often staring at their phones looking bored. This is not supposed to sound judgmental towards those parents, kudos for them for taking their kids out, they may be working from home or they may just be revelling in the moment to themselves. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Little did those parents realise that they have inspired me. And I have decided to make February my crusader month. I am calling it -Don’t Sit on the Sidelines- month aka February.  After all you don’t get many better months, when people such as myself were born. Ha!

This February I am hoping to reach some of those parents, some of my readers and whoever I can and encourage you all to get up off the sidelines and join in. Jump in the pool, splash and have fun with your kids. Get off the bench at the park and play. Whatever looks the most fun to you get out there and get active.

Try something new with a friend, try something you used to love many moons ago, go on a walking date instead of coffee, or get up and help your kids warm up before their soccer game.  I want you to join me in getting up and joining in! Do something you wouldn’t usually do or do something you have always wanted to do. #dontsitonthesidelines

I will be honest I am one of the first to complain that it is really hard to fit in “workouts” with small children. It is also hard for those with full time jobs, physical limitations, sick relatives, stressful lives, long commutes etc. I don’t see those as excuses they are real issues for many people. That is why 50% of Australians are struggling with their weight.* It is not generally easy.

Part of the problem is our way of thinking about movement. All or nothing. In the gym, go hard or go home. Our days are filled with opportunities to be lazy and we passively accept those opportunities. But they are also filled with opportunities to be active, we just sometimes have to creatively seek them out and open up to them. It doesn’t have to be about squats and burpees. It can just be about having fun. Have you ever tried to copy the movements of a toddler? Or keep up with school kid?

So in February I want you to join me, get up, get active and get involved and #dontsitonthesidelines. My posts throughout February are going to relate back to this theme.  I am going to run a little contest and encourage people to # their photos on social media, more on that to come.

What is your favourite way to sneak in movement? Or is there something you are curious to try?

Jess xoxox



*A statistic I guestimated not based on any study. 

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6 Responses to February Preview #dontsitonthesidelines

  1. I can understand why adults won’t go in the kiddie pool. (Although I hear that many adults do THAT in the water too, lol) I just had the thought that if there were several stationary bikes around the pool, the adults could peddle away while watching their lovely kids at the same time.

    I’m sure you will have a successful not-sitting-on-the-sidelines month, Jess!

    Maybe I was lucky to be ADD as a kid (like I’m not now, lol) because I was always moving. Sometimes at the wrong times, I’m sure 🙂 Like you said, we were made to move!

    • Hahaha love it Dr J, great idea on the treadmill. The pool we usually swim is Olympic size, so not exactly a kiddie pool. ALthough there are lots of kids for sure, so yeah I am sure more of that goes on then I try to acknowledge!
      I think that is the joy of kids they just move!!! DOesn’t matter the time! 🙂

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