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I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! And a wonderful month so far…

I know it is already the 4th of Feb, but I thought need to make some concrete goals this month! Sometimes I float, with vague plans in my head. However, I have some things I really need to work on and put down in writing. I need to be accountable!

So here goes with my February Goals:

I want to sit down more regularly with my girls and do some focussed activities, with educational goals. Spontaneous learning is outstanding, don’t get me wrong. However, sometimes I feel like we lose the day and don’t get anything done. I’m not talking hardcore activities I’m talking colouring books, play dough, counting games etc.

I want to draw up a training program for myself. Nothing too hectic or ridiculous. I want it to be achieveable. However, again lately I feel as thought I have been fluffing through it all and probably wasting my time because I know I could get more out of each workout if I was foccussed.

I want to do one workout a week at the gym. I really really like going to the gym, especially since it is so much harder to go. I am much more motivated at the gym.

I want to change the layout on my blog! And a few other bloggy related things. I could probably spend hours and hours making improvements, but I really need to work on “the look”.

I need to get ahead of the laundry… ok so a ridiculously annoying and boring goal. Seriously though laundry kills me. We have so much.

I want to finish going through our stuff, sorting it to donate, sell and chuck. And actually following through with those things.

I want to get out and meet with friends at least once a week this month. Ok this makes me sound like a massive loser, haha, because pre kids I went out all the time. However, I find it so hard to catch up with people these days. Once a week sounds like nothing but it will be a nice change.

I want to go on at least one night out with my husband. Again, this rarely happens.

I want to have fun! And more fun! This needs to be every day!

And I want to sleep more. This has been my goal for about 26 months…

What are your plans for February? Are any of you making goals or going with the flow?

Jess xoxoxoxox


18 Responses to February goals

  1. Your goals are REALLY good!
    I’m still thinking of mine, but I do want to make specific ones like you this month.

    Love the one about friends – it’s hard to keep on top of things like that , especially with a family and kids (which I wouldn’t know about, but I can imagine!!). I have a weekly coffee or movie date with certain people and it helps us catch up all the time!

    Great goal about the gym. It’s always so motivating to go since you’re in a place where EVERYONE is doing the same thing!
    torontorunner recently posted…Shut.It.Down + 7 treadmill milesMy Profile

    • I know I just love going to the gym… sounds really odd hey! But I find I get into the zone and just get it done. At home I make more excuses and I am definitely easier on myself!

  2. Awesome goals! I can totally and completely relate! Date nights, girls nights out, kid activities, laundry (ugh)… all of it. And you’re right, getting out once a week is such a big deal after kids! Isn’t funny to think about how easy it used to be? Now I don’t even mind doctor anddentist appointments because it means I get a little alone time! lol! My goals for February are to stick with my training plan and all of the ones you listed πŸ™‚
    greengirlrunning recently posted…ITBummerMy Profile

    • I know it is funny how things that were tedious are sort of not so bad now like Dr’s and Dentist! The first time I left my girls was to go to the Dr and it was SO STRANGE and calm!!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your goals! I think any time is a great time to start getting excited about the future πŸ™‚

    “I want to get out and meet with friends at least once a week this month. Ok this makes me sound like a massive loser, haha”
    Oh man, I go out, like, never…and I don’t have the kids excuse, either! πŸ˜›
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…Snowy hikes, salads.My Profile

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