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As I’m sitting here typing my eyes are sore. Why? Because I don’t take care of my eyes! And I need to! SO this post is inspired by my need for change.

Growing up I didn’t need glasses then in uni I started to struggle to see the board. But we were in big lecture theatres, things were further away and I figured no one else could see it either.

Then I studied abroad. All of the notes for the class were on a smart board at the front and we had to copy it down at the end of each day. I sat at the back of the class, because I was new and foreign and ended up finding some lifelong friends there! I also discovered I couldn’t read the board and I had to copy my friend’s books. I was kind of embarrassed at first, but then it became a bit of a running joke and they willingly aided me in my blindness.

When I got back I got my eyes tested and got glasses! I was relieved. Apparently too many years of close reading law books and not enough time with my eyes focusing at the big broad world had led to short sightedness. Thank you Law School! I was advised to wear my glasses when I had to and not at other times, because my eyes were lazy, I needed to make them work.

I have been good about that! I hate wearing glasses, not because I think they look bad or anything like that. But simply because it is a hassle! One more thing to worry about. And I’m not good at looking after stuff.

However, my eyes have been causing me problems, they are prone to getting dry and they get tired and end up with headaches from too much screen time.

Here is my plan:

Take eye drops for dry eyes. You can get imitation tears that are preservative free. You have to be careful to get something that is preservative free, because some drops can actually cause your eyes to dry out even more in the long run.

Start wearing sunglasses all the time and buy some better ones!  I always have cheap, crappy glasses, because then I don’t worry if they got lost. But I think it might be time to look beyond the $10 rack.

Limit my screen time. Speaks for itself.

Stop using my iPod for anything other than listening to music. Reading on the iPod is killing my eyes, always makes me strain and ends in headaches.

Start doing exercises for short sightedness. Apparently they can really help with lazy eyes. They are supposed to be really simple, I’ve never done them so might be worth a try.

Get enough rest, sleep is just so important for everything!

Do you have vision issues? Do you worry about taking good care of your eyes? Any tips?

Jess xoxox



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  1. I am blind as a bat. I can’t sit long distances, but for me that means like a foot in front of my face (it’s pathetic). I’ve had contacts since high school (it wasn’t so bad back then). I usually don’t have too many problems, but if my prescription gets too old, my eyes get really tired and dry and I get headaches more often. I just went in and got an updated one and they’re feeling back to normal. I generally stare a t a computer screen all day, which is really rough. If I’m doing spreadsheet work, where I have to intensely look at my screen, I actually take breaks every 20-30 minutes because otherwise I get terrible headaches.
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  2. I believe everyone has something they need to take better care of.. for me, it’s my legs. Sounds weird, but there has been times where they just need a break from walking, yet I don’t always give them the proper rest.
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  3. Eyes are a huge deal in my family. With Glenn’s RP and Gabe’s pathologic myopia ~ my eyes are VERY important to our family.
    Recently I went to the doctor for what I thought would be an infection in my eye that had been there for over a year (or two). I wore my glasses instead of contacts for two weeks and did what he told me. It almost went away, but now it’s back and I need to schedule an appointment. Lasik surgery would be such a blessing.
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    • Yeah I bet it was a drag as a kid. It is a drag now! I would have been really bad with glasses as a kid, would have lost them often I bet!

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