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80's aerobics gearHello!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and looking forward to the weekend! I have been working on a few things and I would love your input! It is still very much early days and in the basic planning stages. I’ll give you more details as I go and as things start to come to fruition (hopefully)!

I have been working on a little tiny clothing line for active women and men. I have noticed a few gaps in the market, here in Australia and I’d love to be able to fill in those gaps. Generally I feel most workout gear is targeted at women size 8-14 (Australian sizes). Since the average Australian is a 14 this seems really limiting.

I have been looking at suppliers and collecting samples to see if my project is even feasible. However, as I have been going through the process and looking at various designs it occurred to me I don’t have all the answers. And I need to do some market research. Who better to ask then you guys and gals!

Basically I’d love to know what you look for in workout wear? Do you go for quality over price? What styles, fabrics, colours do you like? Do you ever feel like they just don’t see what you want? Do you feel as if available styles are tailored to those with different body types then you? Or alternatively what do you dislike?

Please feel free to answer all or any of these questions. Or if I’m asking the wrong questions and you can think of some other info that is important about your workout wear please share!

And of course have a great weekend!

Jess xoxoxox

PS I’m not thinking about going with the ol’ G string leotard over leggings from the 80s/ early 90s in case you were worried. Just love laughing at that look.

photo by: AlexiUeltzen

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  1. Comfort is of great importance to me when it comes to choosing workout gear, but… I can be self-conscious as well. I tend to wear big t-shirts and leggings. I wish though I could get comfy yoga pants and loose 3/4 pants for my size. It would be so much cooler in summer – but the larger stuff in discount stores is all a bit shapeless in that respect. I’m planning to cut off some long lycra bootleg trousers to 3/4 length.

    When I was doing higher-impact cardio I also found it hard to get enough support for my boobs. I wore a sports bra AND crop top thing, but there aren’t a lot of supportive crop tops in larger sizes.

    PS. My tshirts are very boring – just XXXL Nike things etc. I have this soft tshirt material shaped dress I sometimes wear for yoga (with leggings) as it’s mid thigh length and cool but it’s a bit low cut so I have to check I’m not flashing the instructor during class!
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  2. Right size, not too tight or too loose, fits comfortably and moves with your body not against it!

    When I saw that picture my first thought was, “Well maybe they like that in Australia.” lol!

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