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I hope your week is starting out nicely!

We had a party over here last night…. Well the babies did anyway! They decided to wake up at midnight and they did not go back to sleep until 4am. It was pretty brutal.

The rock star is really fascinated with whales and in particularly orcas. So I was woken up to her yelling “whale, orca, whale out dere”. No convincing her otherwise and naturally she had her sister on the “whale out dere” bandwagon in minutes.

So today was rough and I was starving from being up all night. I find I am much more prone to over eating and eating junk if I haven’t had enough sleep.  I have really struggling with breakfast ideas whilst I’ve been on this anti acne diet. This easy sweet potato was my breakfast today. However, for most it is probably an odd thing to eat for breakfast, but would make a great side dish at dinner.

All you need is one of these big sweet potatoes, cinnamon, olive oil (or butter/margerine/ whatever) and a sweetener. I sprinkle on a little brown sugar but you can use whatever your heart desires or go sweetener free!

Then you need to pierce some holes in the potato and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, flip it and zap it for another 3 minutes. (If you have time you could also bake it and it would taste better I’m sure.)

Once it comes out of the microwave cut it open and cover it in as much oil, sweetener and cinnamon you prefer. Obviously the more you douse it the less healthy it becomes and the more it resembles dessert!

So that was my really simple recipe. With the twins and myself eating completely differently from my husband, I have limited time to prepare. So I’m all for quick meals.

What are your favorite simple recipes? Do you eat the same way as your husband? If no, how do you manage?

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxo

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  1. I would never have thought to try this but I did today, with a sprinkle of ground cloves also and it was yummy !

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