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SummerWow! January has been busy and flying by!

I cant believe it is 2/3rds over! I love this time of year as it is summer. The weather is amazing, the water temps in the ocean are perfect and everything is happening. But it is also the start of our school year and the start of the new work year. So it is naturally a time of planning and prepping and sorting out priorities for the year.

I have been taking the girls out on lots of mini adventures. The city has been abuzz and there are lots of kid friendly activities on as most kids are on holidays. We have been swimming at the beach almost daily,  to see a musical, the movies, the aquarium, the park and out to lunch. It has been a lot of fun and great for their development.

My workout schedule has been way down, but I’m hoping that it has somewhat been counterbalanced with the extra incidental activity. I’ve been trying to wear the kids out of some of their copious amounts of energy and I think I’m the oonly one feeling tired! Ha!

We also found out finally what are out of pocket fees for preschool will be and they are more than anticipated,  especially x 2! Childcare is a funny thing here, the government reimburses a percentage of the schools daily fees for all families but figuring it out is a bit of a nuts formula. Thus, it has taken awhile to get an estimated figure.

So we have to decide whether it is worth it or if we should wait until next year. It feels like such a massive decision in my kids lives. However,  my sister made me feel better when she said “It’s only preschool,  whatever decision you make will have pros and cons, but it will not be life changing.” Kinda put things back in perspective!

Definitely finding it hard to stick to my resolution of being confident with all my decisions and not to lose sleep over things… Something I need to keep working on and remembering.

How has January been treating you? Are you finding yourself extra busy this time of year or are things more calm? And for the parents or really anyone with thoughts, when did your kids start preschool?  And what are your thoughts?

Jess xoxox

photo by: Moyan_Brenn

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  1. No advice on the preschool thing sadly. I know kids who’ve had LOTS of benefits from day care etc though – in terms of hanging with other kids – but yours might already get a lot of that.

    As for YOUR exercise, I bet you’re getting heaps of incidental exercise from all of the activities with the girls!
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    • Yes fortunately or unfortunately incidental exercise is really going to have to do for now!

      I definitely think there are benefits just looks like we cant afford it this year.

  2. I keep forgetting that it’s summer by you! I LOVE your sister’s advice in that it’s only preschool. My kids went from an early age, but I didn’t have to deal with all of that math, either! I think it’s such a personal decision as far as what works best for each family!

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