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Hope everything is wonderful in your world’s today! We have had a nice week so far, it has been pretty relaxed. We needed a calm week though!

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Recently my girls had the opportunity to attend some classes at Bluebird Ballet, in Freshwater. My girls love to be active and quite frankly, I love for them to be active because (selfishly) it makes an enormous difference to their sleep! Seriously on days when we don’t get out enough bed time is a very long and extended process.

So one of my major goals for the day is to wear my kids out and in the process myself. I have learnt a lot about what is good for me from them… Sounds kind of backwards I know, however, kids are the kings of incidental exercise. If they don’t get enough organised exercise they just keep bouncing off the walls.

Anyway, we were very impressed with the classes they took at Bluebird Ballet. It was very inexpensive ($90 a term), the teacher was willing to allow casual attendance (which is rare or really expensive on the Northern Beaches) and it was fun! It was very much a ballet focused class, with lots of props used throughout the lesson. For the 2-3 year age group there was no uniform and they were encouraged to dress up in their favourite outfits to dance in! I could see my girls learning the basic foundations to set the stage for ‘bigger’ girl ballet classes when they are older.


Any readers on the Northern Beaches in Sydney interested in taking the classes I would definitely recommend Bluebird Ballet as a starting point. They are inexpensive and fun. If your little one doesn’t love it it is only $90 a term (or less if you pay casually) and you haven’t wasted time buying expensive uniforms and paying over priced lessons. (Iโ€™ve not be compensated to review them.)

Do you find activity helps you sleep? Do you enjoy wearing your kids out too? Have you or your kids tried any awesome activities lately?

Jess xoxox

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  1. So fun! I’ve been wanted to put my girls in dance classes but am going to wait until they hit their second birthday. I loved going to ballet when I was little. Glad you’re having a good experience!

    Yep, you’ve got to get the kids outside and burning off energy! We’re outside a lot and usually hit the park for a good hour or two before dinner. The climbing around helps them sleep soundly.
    Cara (Twinthusiast) recently posted…I Used to Be a โ€œPlannerโ€My Profile

    • Yeah I started the girls around their 2nd Birthday and they just have a blast. Sometimes maybe too much fun, they get a little naughty! Haha.

      I swear if we are not active most of the day they just don’t sleep!

  2. I danced my entire life and it brought me up well. My posture is still incredible and my coordination is great as well while my mom has horrible foot work. I am happy to hear your little gals are dancing :-). Love and shine courtstar
    Courtney @ Star Systemz recently posted…The Nam HaiMy Profile

    • How awesome that your eldest boy does hip hop! My nephew dances and he loves it. Soccer is a great sport too. My kids are so much harder to get to bed if they are not worn out!

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