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Happy Thursday!

I hope you’re all having a great week. This week has gone so fast. I feel like I have a lot to do and have barely done any of it. Ah well. Yesterday I got an email that made my year even better.

Congratulations! We’ve selected The Fit Spirit as a winner of eCollegeFinder’s Top Health & Fitness Blogs Award! 

Online Colleges
Online Colleges

I’m pretty new at blogging and I have a lot to learn. I feel like it is something I want to spend more time doing and do a better job at it. Basically, I really enjoy it! I have “met” so many wonderful people through it already. So it was wonderful to be recognised this early in the day. Who ever nominated and voted for me… Thank you! Actually I want to expand that – to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog – Thank you! Really it is such a nice piece of news.

You can view the list of award winners here. eCollegeFinder seems like a great resource for College Kids and potential College Kids. Anything that works to promote education and make choices easier for people is awesome in my book.


Today we are working on our “fairy houses” again. The girls have decided they are not finished. So I’ll post some pictures when they are!

I’m hoping to get a run and a swim in today as well. It has been so hot here, which I love when I can get into the water. It can be a little miserable when you can’t go anywhere to cool down. Pre-kids I used to go for a run at the beach and jump in at the end. Love to cool off in the water. Now I have the girls it is a bit more challenging, but I’m going to run with them in the stroller and then reward them with a paddle. Hopefully all goes well!

curl curl beach

What is on your agenda for today? Are any of you swimmers? What is your favourite season?

Jess xxx


photo by: WxMom

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  1. Have a glorious day. It’s wonderful you so active with the girls. What a great example for them.

    Sadly, not learning to swim is one of my regrets! It’s the thing I’m going to do every year but never get around to.

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