Acne Elimination Diet Week 1


For those of you following my Acne Elimination Diet posts there are the week one results. Still got Acne… BUT definitely seems better. And I have to be honest with you I had a few slip ups with the diet. Nothing too major except I had ice cream on my anniversary! (Really really good ice cream.) And I had cheese and wheat pasta for lunch at my sisters house.

I have actually been enjoying the diet. I need to be a bit better about planning potential meals. And so far I really suck at preparing vegan food. Really suck. I’m usually an ok cook but I have not mastered vegan. I made a lentil loaf that was absolutely disguisting. New levels of disgusting and I love lentils…

My skin feels smoother and my pores clearer. I have been getting a few massive cystic spots. I’m hoping this is all the junk fleeing out. I haven’t had many small spots and usually there would be thousands.

Wash wise I’m using a gentle cleanser in the AM and an exfoliator in the PM. Also using Benzoyl Peroxide cream AM and PM.

This week hopfully will bring further improvements, no slip ups and improved cooking skills.

Lots of love

Jess xxxx

What are your favorite (SUPER EASY) vegan recipes?

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