Acne Elimination Diet

Hello folks,

How was your day! Mine was really fabulous. We took the girls to their swimming lesson and they were soooo excited. They have been trying to swim on the carpet all week! Very cute!

Then I managed to sneak out to the gym for an intense cardio session whilst they had a nap. I got home just as they woke up in tears looking for me.

They fell asleep really early tonight because they always wake up extra early on swimming mornings as they are so excited.

Anyway, I wanted to fill you in on a diet I am starting. It is not a weight loss diet, although by all means it is welcome to come off. I’m starting an acne elimination diet.

I hate the word acne and I hate even more that I have it. I have had pimples and acne since I was 9 and I’m going on 28. So I’m over it. I’ve tried numerous drugs and topical treatments, with differing results. I don’t really want to go down the hard drug route again so I’m trying this diet thing.

I actually have been trying to ease myself into it before I full on start and I have already noticed big improvements. I will post regular photos so you can follow my results.

So this is me with my beautiful daughter Layla going on a bush walk. It is about 10 months old, but it shows where my skin is at acne wise. I apologise my face is a bit shaded, but basically it is all over my face. Boo. I will provide updated pics as I go.

Ok, so what is included in the diet? Basically I am cutting out meat, dairy, processed foods, wheat products and soy products. Basically a wheat free and soy free vegan.

Sounds crazy, but I love vegetables so I’ll be fine. Plus it gives me an opportunity to try out new recipes!

I want to add I generally eat quite well, probably what you would classify as a clean, intuitive eater, with a sweet tooth. Just in case you were thinking I was a fast food, processed junk food junkie. 🙂

So here we go, tomorrow is day 1! Wish me luck!

Lots of love,

Jess xoxoxo

Do you have any tips or tricks for eliminating acne? Have you ever tried an elimination diet? What were the results?

Please note I am not a nutritionist or dietician. This is my own personal experiment. Please see a Doctor before considering changes in your diet. 

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  1. Hope the elimination diet is helping your skin. I found a blog I thought you might like called “vegan food for the hungry student” – the girl has posted lots of cool recipies and is money consious. I found it interesting and I’m not vegan. K

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