A to Z of fitness!


I thought I would do a fun post! The Alphabet of fitness!

Active lifestyle! Incorporate exercise into your everyday and you will feel better for it!

Ball Sports! A fun way to get fit!

Creativity! Keep your workouts interesting and creative. You won’t get bored and you’ll get better results.

Do it! Make no excuses, get out there and get going!

Eat well! So important to fuel the fire with healthy choices.

Friends! Workout with a friend or get involved in a team sport and make new friends.

Good looking! That is what everyone will say when you start working out. Shallow maybe, but motivating for sure!!

Hunger cue! Listen to them, nourish your body.

Ignite the passion! Exercise is addictive and can bring so much joy!

Jump Rope! My favorite cardio workout at the moment, cheap, flexible and great results!

Kick your own ass! Work hard, feel great!

Lunges, squats and leg lifts! Get your booty in shape!

Moderation! Keep life balanced.

No excuses! This is your life and you only get one!

Options! There is no one right way to eat or get active do what suits you and change things up as you need.

Push yourself! Break through the plateau, chàllenge yourself.

Queen! Treat yourself like one! Love yourself and then you can love others!

Running! Fantastic way to stay in shape and good for the soul.

Sing! It is part of a healthy lifestyle! 🙂

Torture! Sometimes it feel this way,  but the pain is worth the gain.

Unwind! Exercise always clears my head and let’s me unwind after a big day.

V snaps, sit ups, planks and crunches! Will light your core on fire. Ok maybe not on fire…

Wit woo! The sound out of everyones mouth as you walk by.

Xylophones, pianos, trombones, guitars and drums! Add music to your life and your workouts. If you manage to include trombone playing into your workout please send me a video! 🙂

Yes! You can do it!

Zoo! Head there and you will clock up some serious mileage. Seems like it is mandatory for zoos to be constructed on hills too! Favourite family workout!

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