5 Simple things you can do to help our planet

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Happy Spring! I know I know it isn’t quite spring but it certainly is in the air here in Sydney! So I am going to fully enjoy and appreciate!

The Fit Spirit started out primarily as a health and fitness blog and that is what it will continue to be. However, I take quite a wholistic approach sometimes I feel like writing about other issues  to healthy living. One of those things I like to write about from time to time is our planet.

For those who know me personally I have always been a worrier and the health of our environment is one of those things that I think about way too much. I am continuously looking for ways that I can change the way I do things to cut down on my environmental footprint. So many of the things that we do that impact on our environment are simple to change but we don’t. I think the reason we don’t boils down to convenience. It is easier to stay with the status quo than to change. I am totally guilty of doing things out of convenience.

Here are some simple things, habits and adjustments we can make, which will help.  I realise we are not perfect and sometimes it is overwhelming to think of making lots of changes when we have so much else going on in our lives. However, if we can be a little more conscious a little more of the time than that is a great start!

  1. Stop using (or cut down on using) Plastic Bags. Plastic shopping bags have a significant environmental impact , they kill large numbers of marine wildlife in particular each year. Plastic bags are often mistaken for jellyfish in the ocean and are ingested by birds, whales, seals, turtles and other marine species they die from complications caused by consuming them. Plastic bags are very slow to break down and decompose at an estimated rate of 20 to 1000 years.  They simply accumulate in our environment as they are so slow to disappear.
  2. Turn the taps off sooner, take shorter showers and turn the taps off whilst brushing your teeth. Cutting down on our water usage has all sorts of positive implications for our environment and our pockets. It saves money on our water our electricity bill and cuts down our greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces the possibility of water shortages and rationing.  It reduces the amount of energy and chemicals used in the treatment and pumping of water.
  3. Stop buying packaged foods, buy fewer packaged foods or even contact your favourite packaged food makers and request they use less packaging. I realise with food safety it is really challenging for companies to completely get rid of packaging. However, so much of what we buy is over packaged! Companies that over package those are the ones to write to and request they cut back. It may not make a difference, but you never know. Also food that doesn’t come in a package tends to be healthier!
  4. Turn the lights off and use solar lighting where possible. Do you leave a light on in case during the night as you sleep? You can buy little solar lamps that you put out in the morning and bring them in at night to give you a nice little night light. When you leave a room turn the light out! 🙂
  5. Walk more and drive less. It is great for the environment and your health!

These are just a few simole ideas but every little bit really does help make a difference! Are there any simple things you do to help our planet?

Jess xoxox

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  1. I’m very glad you are writing about important things like this, Jess!

    Not perfect, but I think I do a pretty good job at all of these. I’ve long believed that being in harmony with natural light is healthier. I use my own bags for groceries. Do not run water if it is not needed, and so on.

    I have to say that I do not really do it all expecting it to make a difference in the world, but it does make a positive difference in how I feel about me, after-all, we can’t spend all of our time in pixie land, 🙂
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  2. I love these Jess! And I love your commitment to the environment (and other causes). I’m a bit slack on the grocery bag front as I reuse my bags for rubbish. I do like that some places (IGAs) have biodegradable bags however and would be happy to pay a bit of money 20c for each bag (for eg) I use at a supermarket if they all were!
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    • I am the same with plastic bags, I sometimes or more often than I would ideally like rely on plastic bags. But I reuse them for nappy bags and garbage bags! I agree I would be happy to pay more for biodegradable bags!

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